Sunday, May 8, 2011

Most Good things in Life Cost Nothing

       Like Hugging Your Parents,

       Smiling at your Neighbour,

      Caring and Listening to your Grandma,

      Helping out a Needy Stranger,

      Obliging a seat to a hesitating Old person,

     A Hand around a Friend's Shoulder,

     A few extra words to your Lover,

     A Thank you to an obliging Server,

      A Namaste to God,

     A Respectful nod to your Teacher,

      Sharing your Food,

      Sharing an Umbrella with someone on a Rainy Day,

     All these seem so Easy to do, but only if Our Ego permits.!

      If we can leave shyness and take that extra step forward

     It looks like a perfect recipe……

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