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No more Restriction on direct recruitment - Good news for aspirants


No. I-11011/1/2009-CRD
Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions
Department of Personnel and Training

3rd Floor, Lok Nayak Bhawan,
New Delhi-110003
December 14, 2010

Office Memorandum

Subject: Consolidated guidelines on cadre review of Central Group 'A' Services.

  Restriction on direct recruitment-

    There is a restriction on direct recruitment to the extent that it should not exceed 3% of the total cadre strength.

    The authority to relax the condition rests with DoPT. It has now been decided to do away with this restriction. The Cadre Controlling Authorities are, however, advised not to resort to any bulk recruitment as it would create a bulge in the structure leading to stagnation at later stage. This may be kept in view while projecting recruitment planning.

You only live once but if you work it right, once is enough....


Nimesulide and 2 other drugs face Health ministry ban

Three drugs viz. nimesulide, cisapride and phenylpropanolamine (PPA) which are used in treating pain and fever in children, stomach acid reflux and cold or cough respectively, have been declared as unsafe by Drugs Technical Advisory Board (DTAB) of the Union Ministry of Health. The drugs may be banned very soon.

The most pharmaceutical companies in India have already stopped manufacturing these drugs following their ban in many developed countries, including Britain, Canada, Sweden, Denmark, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. Nimesulide has never been filed for food and drug administration evaluation for sale in the US, where it is not marketed.

Apart from India, nimesulide is marketed in 49 other countries worldwide, including Italy, France, Portugal, Greece, Switzerland, Belgium, Mexico and Brazil Nimesulide tablets are routinely prescribed for inflammation, pain and fever in India because they have a longer-lasting effect. Unlike paracetamol, which usually acts for 4-6 hours, nimesulide brings down pain and fever for 12-18 hours. However, the side-effects include liver damage. The World Health Organization recommends paracetamol, which should be the first drug of choice for fever, followed by ibuprofen.

Cisapride is another banned drug declared unsafe which was found to cause irregular heartbeats. It has Rs2 crore market. PPA which commands a Rs3.5 crore market is a component of cold and cough remedies.


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Criminal Procedure Code Amendment Bill, 2008

The third report of the National Police Commission had expressed serious concern on unnecessary arrests of innocent people by the police and observed that 60 per cent of the arrests made by the police were unnecessary and were accounting for 43.2 per cent of jail expenditure. National Police Commission report had found that 40 lakh out of the total 68 lakh arrests made by the police during 2007 alone were 'unnecessary' and it was a blatant violation of the human rights of lakhs of people. This had necessitated the amendment of the Cr PC.Though the amendment was signed by President Pratibha Patil in January 2009, it was enacted only on January 2, 2011 without much publicity.

The police cannot arrest anyone before sending him a Memo of Appearance and in case the accused failed to comply with the notice, the police have to record reasons of arrest the court diary and to obtain warrant from the magistrate for crimes where the punishment was up to seven years of imprisonment. The accused has to be supplied with a copy of the FIR, provided a lawyer of his choice and a proper medical check up has to be done before arrest.

Section 41 A (3) states that when an accused person complies and continues to comply with the notice he shall not be arrested in respect of the offense.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Indian Government totally online - very useful

All Indian government office related links are available... . Kindly save it......


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* Driving Licence <
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* Death Certificate <
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* PAN Card <
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* TAN Card <
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* Ration Card <
http://www.india. howdoi.php? service=7>
* Passport <
http://www.india. otherservice_ details.php? service=2>
* Inclusion of name in the Electoral Rolls <
http://www.india. howdoi.php? service=10>
* Search More - How do I <
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* Land/Property <
http://www.india. howdoi.php? service=9>
* Vehicle <
http://www.india. howdoi.php? service=13>
* With State Employment Exchange <
http://www.india. howdoi.php? service=12>
* As Employer <
http://www.india. otherservice_ details.php? service=17>
* Company <
http://www.india. otherservice_ details.php? service=19>
* .IN Domain <
http://www.india. otherservice_ details.php? service=18>
GOV.IN Domain <http://www.india. otherservice_ details.php? service=25>
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* Waiting list status for Central Government Housing <
http://www.india. otherservice_ details.php? service=9>
* Status of Stolen Vehicles <
http://www.india. otherservice_ details.php? service=1>
* Land Records <
http://www.india. ds/index. php>
* Causelist of Indian Courts <
http://www.india. otherservice_ details.php? service=7>
* Court Judgements (JUDIS ) <
http://www.india. otherservice_ details.php? service=24>
* Daily Court Orders/Case Status <
http://www.india. otherservice_ details.php? service=21>
* Acts of Indian Parliament <
http://www.india. otherservice_ details.php? service=13>
* Exam Results <
http://www.india. otherservice_ details.php? service=16>
* Speed Post Status <
http://www.india. otherservice_ details.php? service=10>
* Agricultural Market Prices Online <
http://www.india. otherservice_ details.php? service=6>
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* Train Tickets Online <
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* Air Tickets Online <
http://www.india. otherservice_ details.php? service=4>
* Income Tax Returns <
http://www.india. otherservice_ details.php? service=12>
* Complaint with Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) <
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How To Handle unexpected questions (Swami Vivekananda)


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

9 tax saving ways you should know

The Income Tax Act 1961 is a voluminous piece of legislation. Taxmann Publications' latest edition of the Act runs into 1,125 pages. It's enough to intimidate even the most diligent law student and tax expert, leave alone ordinary taxpayers. But hidden away in the 300-odd sections and 14 schedules are clauses that can benefit ordinary taxpayers-provided they know how to claim those benefit.


1.    Use losses in stocks to cut tax

Can you gain from the short-term losses you made on stocks? Yes, says the Income Tax Act. If you have made any long-term capital gains from sale of property, gold or debt funds, you can set them off against short-term capital losses made on stocks and bring down your tax liability. "Short term capital losses can be set off against both shortterm capital gains as well as taxable long-term capital gains"

2.    Get deduction for rent even without HRA

House rent can account for as much as 40-50% of the total household expense. That's why the house rent allowance is exempt from tax to a certain limit. But what if your salary does not include an HRA component or you are a self-employed professional or businessman? Under Section 80GG, you can claim deduction of the rent paid even if you don't get HRA. "Not many people are aware of this deduction."
The least of the following three can be claimed as deduction: rent paid less 10% of total income; or Rs 2,000 a month; or 25% of total income. Also, the taxpayer should not be drawing any HRA or any housing benefit.

3.    Pay lower tax if someone is ill

The Income tax Act allows a taxpayer to claim a deduction of Rs 40,000 if he has a dependent who suffers from any of the ailments specified under Section 80DDB. "The deduction is higher at Rs 60,000 if the patient is a senior citizen". The diseases include, neurological diseases (including dementia, dystonia musculorum deformans, motor neuron disease, ataxia, chorea, hemiballismus, aphasia and Parkinson's disease), malignant cancers, full-blown AIDS, chronic kidney failure and haematological disorders (haemophilia and thalassaemia). Dependents can include spouse, children, parents and siblings.

4.    Claim benefits for your political affiliations

Any amount contributed to a recognized political party can be claimed as a deduction under Section 80GGC (80GGB for corporates). "This is a new deduction and was introduced in April 2010. The donation can also be made to the electoral trust which works for the purpose of conducting elections."  Interestingly, unlike other deductions, there is no ceiling on the amount that can be claimed as a deduction.

5.    Use education loan to lower tax

The interest paid on an education loan is fully deductible from taxable income under Section 80E. Till a few years back, this deduction was available only to the borrower. Now, even a parent or a spouse can avail of it.

6.    Disabilities can be tax savers

If a taxpayer suffers from a disability, he can claim deduction of Rs 75,000 under Sec 80U. If he has a disabled dependent, he can claim the deduction under Sec 80DD. Disability includes blindness, low vision, leprosy, hearing impairment, loco-motor disability, mental retardation and mental illness and deduction is available only if the impairment is at least 40%. If the disability is severe (80% or above), the deduction is Rs 1 lakh a year. The dependant could include the taxpayer's spouse, children, parents and even siblings.

7.    Take unlimited deduction for your second home loan

Under Section 24b, one can claim deduction of up to Rs 1.5 lakh a lakh for interest paid on a home loan. But if the taxpayer buys a second house through another home loan and gives it on rent, the entire interest paid on the home loan during a given year can be claimed as a deduction.

8.    Claim HRA as well as home loan benefits

HRA and interest on home loan are two separate provisions and claiming one of them as a deduction does not influence the other. There are many such examples in the tax laws. Let's take for instance, Section 80C (PPF, NSC, ELSS etc.) and Section 80D (medical insurance premium). "Everyone will agree that both Section 80C and Section 80D can be separately claimed.

9.    How to cut tax by investing in spouse's name


Section 64 of the Income tax Act says that income derived from money gifted to a spouse will be treated as the income of the giver. It will be clubbed with his (or her) income for the year and taxed accordingly. Are there ways to avoid the clubbing provisions without crossing the line between tax avoidance and tax evasion? Yes.

If you want to buy a house in your wife's name but don't want the rent to be taxed as your income, you can loan her the money. In exchange, she can give you her jewellery. For example, if you transfer a house worth Rs 10 lakh to your wife and she transfers her jewellery for the same amount in your favour, then the rental income from that house would not be taxable to you.

One can also avoid clubbing of income by opting for tax exempt investments. There is no tax on income from the Public Provident Fund (although the 8% interest rate offered and the 15-year lock-in does not compare with fixed deposits). There is also no tax on gains from shares and equity mutual funds if held for more than a year. So, if one invests in these options in the name of the spouse, there is no additional tax liability.


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