Thursday, February 19, 2009

Welcome to ITCSA

Indian Telugu Civil Servants Association

Together For Each Other...Together for the better

* What is ITCSA?

ITCSA stands for ‘Indian Telugu Civil Servants Association’. It is the group of Civil Servants hailing from Andhra Pradesh working in different parts of India and abroad. The idea was conceived on 9th November, 2006 by Telugu Civil Servants of 80 Foundation Course (LABASNAA, Mussorie). The association uses web-based Google Group named ‘ITCSA’ as the major platform for interaction among members. Anyone can interact with ITCSA members at:

* What are the Aims and Objectives?

To stay in touch with each other as a cohesive group forever.
To share knowledge and information on a variety of issues.
To share one’s experiences in his/her area of work in the government.
To get news updates about the family and career of all group members.
To help each other in times of need.
To plan group events such as get-together’s etc.
To share fun stuff such as jokes, puzzles, funny messages, Quotes etc.
To organize / facilitate / contribute towards charitable work (depending upon one’s capacity ‘n interest) – Tree plantation, Blood Donation camps etc.
To give moral and monetary support to issues and organizations working in public interest.
To guide Civil Service Aspirants (especially with rural and poor background) not only in their preparation for Exam but also by sharing one’s first hand experiences in the government, i.e., the field realities of bureaucracy.
To organize / attend / facilitate seminars and work shops on civil services preparation, especially through non-profit and government-run coaching centres.
Any other activities with the concurrence of group members.
(Civil Services Aspirants can blog their queries
which will be answered by the members)