Saturday, May 21, 2011

Be True To Both Your Mind And Heart

A Lamp Does not Speak
It Introduces It self Through Light
Same Way ''ACHIEVERS'' Never Exposed Themselves
But Their ''ACHIEVEMENTS'' Exposes Them...!!

What Ever The Goal You'r Pursuing

No Matter How Rugged The Climb

Be Certain To Be There By Trying Your best

" Forever Is Hard To Imagine

The Future May Seems Far Away

But Every Morning Brings A Wonderful Chance

To Do What You Can Do On That Day ?

Dont Be Afraid That Your Life Will End,

Be Afraid That It Will Never Begin !!!

All The Right Things Are Not Always Possible And

All The Possible Things Are Not Always Right

SO Be True To Both Your Mind And Heart Then You Will Never Go Wrong** 

Keep Smiling ........


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