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Don't submit original documents during Counselling and Admission

Don't submit original documents during Counselling and Admission; Register complaint for UGC guideline violation

What do you do in the midst of counselling sessions if an institute holds back your original documents after allocating a seat to you (Thus, effectively blocking your chance to attend other admission counselling processes)? How should you reclaim your original certificate right after verification during the counselling and admission procedure?

Simple Solution:



The institutes violating UGC norms also face cancellation of UGC approval to their programmes.

View this letter that Careers360 has sent to all Universities/Institutes seeking their confirmation on compliance of UGC guideline on 'non-retention' of original documents during counselling.

Why this is Important?

With counselling sessions and admissions beginning in different Engineering, Medicine and Law colleges, you must be readying to attend multiple counselling sessions to find your best-fit college. But, most of the times, it is not a smooth process.

There are many institutes who either hold back your original documents once you block a seat during counselling session or make original document submission a prior condition to seat allocation during their counselling process. A few others make submission of original documents mandatory for completion of admission process. This blocks your chances for exploring admission opportunities through other counselling processes as you do not get your original documents for verification which is must for seat allocation anywhere.

This usually comes as a jolt to candidates who fortunately get multiple counselling and admission options based on their good performance in qualifying exams or entrance tests.

What you must know?

So, is there any guideline for academic institutions in this regard?

In the first place, you must know that you do neither need to submit your original documents during counselling nor before 'actual starting of an academic session' as per the guidelines by University Grants Commission (UGC), the regulatory body for Universities and also for institutions affiliated to different universities. UGC prohibits institutions from retaining School/Institution Leaving Certificate, mark sheet, caste certificate and other documents in original. 

For both public and private colleges, it is mandatory to follow the UGC guideline. There is also a Ministry of Human Resources Development (MHRD) notification and a Karnataka High Court (HC) direction to the institutes in this regard.

What exactly the UGC guideline says?

The UGC has been notifying to institutes that retention of original documents limits the admission options for candidates and therefore the same is not permissible for the institutes.


"The Commission is of the view that the institutions/universities, by way of retaining the certificate in original, force retention of admitted students which limits the opportunities for the candidates from exercising other options of joining other institutions of their choice. However it would not be permissible for institutions and Universities to retain the School/Institution Leaving Certificate, mark sheet, caste certificate and other documents in original," says a UGC notification of April 23, 2007.

Another UGC notification of June 2011 says that "by way of retaining the certificates in original and forced retention of admitted students, (institutes) are limiting the opportunities for the candidates from exercising other options of joining other institutions of their choice. As such, it is not permissible for institutions deemed to be universities to retain the School/Institution Leaving Certificate, mark sheet, caste certificate and other documents in original."

Still, if an institute insists on original document submission, you can show them the UGC notification regarding the strict guidelines. Click here to download this UGC notification, which directs institutes to 'not retain' original documents required for verification purpose during counselling and admission.


Despite this, if an institute does insist on original document submission, you can register your complaint with Careers360. We will immediately take this forward and intervene into the incidents of UGC guideline violation. For, this cause, you can register your complaint by filling in this complaint form regarding your original document submission.


Your identity will be kept secret and we seek to present your complaint with college authorities so that they officially announce that UGC guidelines are being followed in letter and spirit and that they are not asking candidates to submit their original documents despite a seat is allocated to them during the counselling and admission process.


Why Now?

The month of May-July is the time during which class XII board results are also declared along with different entrance exam results and ongoing counseling and admission processes. Thus, a better option may knock you anytime despite you have blocked a seat during earlier admission counseling. But, in most of the cases, you will be required to bring along your original documents for verification during counseling. Thus, possession of your original documents throughout the counseling sessions is of utmost importance for finding your best-fit institution.

For your ready reference, we bring here list  of  Institutions in complete 'compliance' with UGC guidelines on non-retention of original documents like Class X certificates, School Leaving Certificates etc. We have written to University/College authorities asking them to confirm whether they are in compliance with the UGC guidelines on this particular subject. The institutions from where an official confirmation on complete compliance of UGC guideline is still awaited, is listed separately.

Click here to see the complete list.  We will keep this list updated with official updates on UGC guideline compliances.

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Not just Maggi, more than 400 other products are rejected by FSSAI

Not just Maggi, more than 400 other products are rejected by FSSAI including ones from Tata Starbucks, Kellog's etc

After the well known instant noodles brand 'Maggi' was in the news for three major violations of the Food Safety & Standards Act (FSS Act), it now seems that this is not limited to Maggi. Data available with the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), more than 400 products are rejected as on 30th  April, 2015. The list of products include products from some well known brands like Tata Starbucks, Kellogs, Ranbaxy, Amway, Venky's etc.

The 'Maggi' Issue

It all started with the sampling and testing of Maggi by the office of Commissioner of Food Safety, Uttar Pradesh and recognizing the serious food safety concerns. The FSSAI then advised the Commissioners of Food Safety in various states to draw samples of Maggi and get the same tested from authorized laboratories.

Three major violations have been noted by the FSSAI

  • Presence of Lead detected in the product in excess of the maximum permissible levels of 2.5 ppm.
  • Misleading labelling information on the package reading "No added MSG", and
  • Release of a non-standardised food product in the market, viz. "Maggi Oats Masala Noodles with Tastemaker" without risk assessment and grant of product approval.

Samples Tested & found adulterated every year

As per the data released by the FSSAI, the percentage of food samples found adulterated is on the rise. In 2011-12, 64593 samples were tested out of which 8247 samples (12.8%) were found adulterated. This percentage went up to 14.8% in 2012-13 and to 18.8% in 2013-14. Out of the 72200 samples tested in 2013-14, 13571 samples were found adulterated. Surprisingly, the number of prosecutions launched has been decreasing since 2011-12. While prosecutions were launched in 83% of the adulterated cases in 2011-12, this percentage went down to 56.3 in 2012-13 and went up to 75.4% in 2013-14.

Sample examined, found aulterated and prosecutions launched by FSSAI - Maggi ban in India

Percentage of Samples found adulterated by FSSAI - Maggi ban in India

Which other products are rejected by FSSAI?

As on 30th April 2015, more than 400 proposals for products have been rejected on assessment of risk/ safety of the proposed products by the Product Approval & Screening Committee and the Scientific Panel. The list of products includes products of well known brands like Tata Starbucks, Kellogs, Amway, Ranbaxy, Venky's etc.

BrandNumber of Rejected ProductsList of Rejected Products
Tata Starbucks32Panna Cotta Pudding, Dark Caramel Sauce with Natural Flavour, Coffee Frappuccino Flavoured Syrup, Vanilla Flavoured Syrup, Hazelnut Flavoured Syrup, Raspberry Blackcurrant Juice, Honey Vanilla Flavoured Sauce, Mango passion Fruit Juice Blend, Bar Mocha Powder, Tiramisu Sauce etc
Forever Living Imports8Forever Vision, Forever Kids, Forever Pro-6 etc
Amway India5Nutrilite Cal Mag-D, Nutrilite Bio C, Nutrilite Iron Folic Tablets, Nutrilite Natural B Tablets etc
Herba life2Food Supplement – Nite works, Formula 2 Multivitamin, Mineral & Herbal Tablets, Herbal Calcium Tablets etc
Field Fresh Foods (Del Monte)3Egg mayonnaise/ Salad dressing variants, Hot Sauce ( Proprietary Food), Natural vinegar
Bausch and Lomb Eyecare1Ocuvite Soft gels
Biocon Limited2Bromelain, Trypchym
Biomax Network1Colostrum Protein Product( Receptol)
Dukes Consumer Care1Chocolate Made Using Vegetable fat ( 5 Products)
Ferrero India1Proprietary product Milky and Cocoa Spreads with cereals and milk chocolate
General Mills India (Pillsbury, Betty Crocker)1Choco Lava Cake
Girnar Food and Beverages1Kesavi Dry Fruit Masala Milk Premix
Goodrich Car bohydrate2Goodrich Cheez delite, Cooking Delite
Kellogg's India1Kellogg's Special K-Red Berries
Oriflame India3Wellness Multivitamin & Minerial women Tablets, Swedish Beauty Complex, Wellness Swedish Beauty Complex Plus
Ranbaxy Laboratories2Revital Capsule, Revital Senior tablets, revital Women Tablets, Revital Tablet
McCain Foods India1Battered Pepper and Cheese Bites
Venky's2Chicken Arabic Style Kofta, Crispy Chicken Burger Patty

 Other than these, there are many other pharmaceutical, nutritional products that are rejected.

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