Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Based on the results of the written part of Civil Services (Main) Examination, 2010, held by the Union Public Service Commission in October-November, 2010 and the interviews for Personality Test held in March-April, 2011, the following is the list, in order of merit, of candidates who have been recommended for appointment to -

(i)               Indian Administrative Service;

(ii)              Indian Foreign Service;

(iii)            Indian Police Service; and

(iv)            Central Services, Group 'A' and Group 'B'. 

A total number of 920 candidates have been recommended for appointment including 428 General (including 19 Physically Challenged candidates), 270 Other Backward Classes (including 8 Physically Challenged candidates), 148 Scheduled Castes (including 1 Physically Challenged candidate) and 74 Scheduled Tribes  candidates. 

        Appointment to the various Services will be made according to the number of vacancies available with due consideration to the provisions contained in Rules 2 and 19 of the Rules of the Examination and subject to the final decision of the Hon'ble Supreme Court / Hon'ble High Courts / Hon'ble C.A.Ts. on the S.L.Ps / R.As / W.Ps. / O.As. pending therein.  The number of vacancies reported by the Government for the Indian Administrative Service is 151 (76 General, 41 Other Backward Classes, 23 Scheduled Castes and 11 Scheduled Tribes);  for the Indian Foreign Service is 35 (18 General, 8 Other Backward Classes, 3 Scheduled Castes and 6 Scheduled Tribes); for the Indian Police Service is 150 (77 General, 40 Other Backward Classes, 22 Scheduled Castes and 11 Scheduled Tribes); for the Central Services Group 'A' is 623 (324 General, 161 Other Backward Classes, 94 Scheduled Castes and 44 Scheduled Tribes) and for Central Services Group 'B' is 84 (55 General, 21 Other Backward Classes, 6 Scheduled Castes and 2 Scheduled Tribes).  This includes 28 vacancies for Physically Challenged candidates.

            In accordance with Rule 16(4) & (5) of the Civil Services Examination Rules, 2010, the Commission is maintaining a consolidated Reserve List of 242 candidates which includes 121 General, 94 Other Backward Classes, 23 Scheduled Castes and 4 Scheduled Tribes candidates ranking in order of merit below the last recommended candidate under respective category. 

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