Tuesday, January 5, 2016

UNIQUE, FREE mentoring programme by Civil Servants

🔵Civil Services Examination 2016 – Mentoring by serving officers🔵

Dear Friends,

If any of your friends / relatives plan to appear for the UPSC Civil Services Examination (called by many as the IAS Exam) in 2016, and they are really motivated and hardworking, then you should tell them to check this:


This is a UNIQUE, FREE mentoring programme that could help them to crack the exam! Admission is only through a short ONLINE ENTRANCE TEST (OET), that will be conducted on 16th January, 1800 hrs Indian Standard Time.

Registration is OPEN now!


Welcome to OET (Online Entrance Test)!

To take the test, you need to register yourself. If you have not, please register here. The registration closes at 2100 hrs on 12.01.2016.

The OET will be conducted from 1800 to 1830 hrs on January 16th Saturday.
The test will last for 30 minutes, and it has two parts:

1. The SAT (Service Aptitude Test): 20 minutes
2. The GAT (General Awareness Test): 10 minutes

To take the OET, please come to this page on 16th January, 1800 hrs. The OET will work on this link.

If you have any queries, please contact us.We will respond to you round the clock.