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List of all 43 articles written on economy

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[Economy] List of all 43 articles written by me so far on economy

I've received many mails asking me about different economy related questions. Sorry friends I can deal with them only after prelim (few nights and lot to revise!) I'll get back to you on that but in the mean time here is the List of All Economy articles written by me so far upto 14 May 2011

  1. No Frills account: Meaning advantages
  2. Fiscal stimulus package : meaning and example
  3. Contradiction in GDP (Expenditure) formula?
  4. Who is the regulator of capital market in India?
  5. 3 audit reports of CAG
  6. NNP, NDP, GNP,GDP,NNPFC,NNPMP & other stuff
  8. GDP at Factor cost and Market price (GDPFC & GDPMP), NNPFC,NNPMP
  9. [Economy] 3 Methods of calculating GDP
  10. Minimum Alternative Tax (MAT) its provisions in DTC
  11. Difference between Tax and Cess
  12. Effect of Coal prices on WPI (Whole sale price index)
  13. Operating ratio in Railway budget
  14. How Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) would influence the Economy
  15. Badlaa system or Carry forward transaction
  16. Greece crisis and Sovereign Default
  17. Capital and Current Account Convertibility brief explanation
  18. Difference between NBFC MFI CEPA CECA Current and Capital account
  19. Micro finance and its problems
  20. RBI prints more money when and its implication on gold and forex reserves
  21. Future options call option put option
  22. Infy at 3000 premium 100 what does that mean?
  23. Oil hedging and its impact on Oil subsidy
  24. Wayda Bazaar or Futures market
  25. Lower trade deficit and its effect on economy
  26. Capital Adequecy ratio
  27. what are equity, bonds and debentures ?
  28. How to calculate GDP (PPP) and GDP nominal?
  29. Why use GDP (nominal) instead of GDP (PPP) when comparing two nations?
  30. Purchasing power parity: The case of China and Japan GDP
  31. Repo rate and Reverse repo rate, How they curb inflation?
  32. ADR and GDR
  33. CDS : Credit default swaps
  34. Yield Spread and its use
  35. Credit crunch Meaning example and implications
  36. How do changes in CRR and SLR affect the economy?
  37. What is Insider trading
  38. [Economy] very good blog on Economy by Sivaharimani
  39. [Economy 4 Newbies] Backwash and Spread Effect in Economic Development by Puneeth
  40. [Economy 4 Newbies] Types of Economic Agreements by Don1234
  41. [Economy for newbies] LPG - Liberalisation, privatization, Globalisation | Structural Reform | New Economic Policy
  42. [Economy for Newbies] Diagram for CRR, SLR,Repo, reverse repo,Bank Rate etc.
  43. [Economy] Learning basic things : GDP GNP NNP

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