Friday, June 22, 2012

Useful resources for Civil services

Please find Environment-and-Ecology-Notes from IAS-OUR-DREAM 

Please find Economy-Notes from IAS-OUR-DREAM

Please find Polity-Notes from IAS-OUR-DREAM

Please find Geography-Notes from IAS-OUR-DREAM - a repository of news, articles and views from a Left perspective on the internet. Besides carrying contemporary, analytical and objective articles, Pragoti also offers a forum to debate, discuss and propagate views from the Left. - IAS our dream blog can be reached from this link.You will find lot of info. on Civils

weekly-current-affairs-E magazine


  1. very informative post indeed.. being enrolled in, Online Video Coaching I was looking for such articles online to assist me.. and your post helped me a lot :)

  2. thank u sir for your help..