Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Last 25 years’ General Studies (Mains) Papers (1987 to 2011)

Mrunal's New article on UPSC: "[Download] Last 25 years' General Studies (Mains) Papers (1987 to 2011) Compiled together" plus 1 more

Finally, I've compiled General Studies (Mains) papers of last 25 years (1987 to 2011) and created a printer friendly PDF file out of it. (Download Links given at the bottom of this article)

Action Plan

To get really Decent marks in General Studies paper (and thus a high rank in the final merit list) do following In the General Studies (Mains) paper, there are two types of question Static and Dynamic (Current Based) By and large, General Studies Paper I & II are made up of following topics.
  1. History (Always Static)
  2. Culture (Almost Always Static)
  3. Polity (Most of the Time.)
  4. Yearbook stuff (Usually current Based)
  5. Economy (Mixed)
  6. International Relations and S&T (Lately current Based)
  7. Statistics and Data Interpretation.(Always Static.)
Now, observe these old papers carefully (attached below), the Static questions/topics keep getting recycled and repeated. For example RIN mutiny was asked in 1998, again in 2011. Same for Polity (DPSP/Funda.rights) etc.
If you

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  1. Introduction
  2. Inception
  3. Essay
  4. Your Study plan
  5. CSAT (Paper I) General studies
  6. CSAT (Paper II) Aptitude
  7. General Studies paper I
  8. General Studies paper 2
  9. Interview
  10. Marksheet
  11. Message


Name GAYATHRI KRISHNAN B Roll number 217661 Rank (CSE 2011) 433 Optional Subjects
Public Administration
Malayalam Literature
Medium for Mains Exam English Mains Examination Centre Thiruvananthapuram Number of Attempts 1 Details of Graduation and Post-Grad. B.Tech in Computer Science, followed by PGDHRM Schooling (Medium) English
Extracurricular activities,
hobbies, achievements etc.
Public Speaking,
Creative Writing,
Are you a working professional? No
If yes, then did you leave your job
or prepared while on the job?
  Did you take Coaching?
Prelims: No


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