Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Greece Exit from Eurozone- Implications on Indian and World Economy”

Mrunal's New article on UPSC: "[Economy] What If Greece Exits from Eurozone? Implications on Indian and World Economy" plus 1 more

Past few weeks, media is talking about Greece's possible exit from Eurozone and its impact on India. Before going into Greece's possible Exit from EU, let's once again start from the beginning.
  1. How does Government finance its operations?
  2. What is Sovereign Debt?
  3. Then what is Sovereign Debt Crisis?
  4. What is a government bond?
  5. What is a bond market?
  6. Why do bond markets matter?
  7. Borrowing beyond the Aukaat
  8. Why is Greece such a messed up Economy?
  9. TimeLine of Events
  10. January 2010
  11. February 2012: The Auserity Bill
  12. May 2012: Elections in Greece
  13. What's the EU Exit Rumor?
  14. What're the consequences IF Greece Exits Eurozone?
  15. Lines at the Banks
  16. Loan Default by Greece
  17. Meltdown
  18. Businesshouses go Bankrupt
  19. Sovereign Debt Crisis for Weak Eurozone Nations
  20. Good for US and Japan
  21. Political Turmoil in Europe
  22. Recession in Europe
  23. Why Greece Exit =Trouble for India?
  24. Food for thought

How does a Government finance its operations?

  1. What is Sir Creek Boundary?
  2. What is Harami Nala?
  3. Why is Sir Creek in news?
  4. Pakistani Claim
  5. Indian Claim
  6. History
  7. Solution
  8. Conclusion

What is Sir Creek Boundary?

Sir Creek is a 96-km strip of water that is disputed between India and Pakistan in the Rann of Kutch marshlands. The creek, which opens into the Arabian Sea, divides the Kutch region of Gujarat and the Sindh province of Pakistan.

What is Harami Nala?

Harami Nala is a marshy, sluggish and shallow water channel, spread over 500 sq km in Kutch, in the Sir Creek region, where both Indian and Pakistani fishermen sail to catch the prized variety of fishes, and at times get caught by the Costal guards of either country and spend years in Jail.

Why is Sir Creek in news?

On 19th June 2012, India and Pakistan failed
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