Sunday, June 3, 2012

Excellent Quotes for ALL

Some Random Observations

 If the Road is Beautiful then, Worry About the Destination,

But if the Destination is Beautiful, Then Don't Worry About The Road!

 We Always Feel that GOD Never comes on Time When We Call Him...

But the Truth is ~ "He is Always on Time"

But "We are Always in Hurry and we do not notice His presence!

 Trust the One Who can See, These Three Things in You

~Sorrow Behind Your SMILE, Love Behind Your ANGER & Reason Behind Your SILENCE!

 Beautiful things Are not Always Good ~

But Good things are Always Beautiful!

 Never Miss the First Opportunity,

Because the Second Opportunity Will be Much More Difficult than First!

 Dreams Aren't those That You Have when You are Asleep,

Dreams are Those that Don't Let You Sleep till They are Fulfilled!

 It is Purity of Heart that Matters, Not the External Appearance.

Because Helping Hands are Always, Better than Praying Lips.

 No one could actually say that you deserve better.

Because the best thing that you deserve, will always be your choice.

 When your Time is Good, Your Mistakes are taken As a Joke!

When Your Time is Bad, Even your Jokes are Noticed as Mistakes!

 We Judge Ourselves By what We Feel we're Capable of Doing,

While Others Judge us By what We have Already Done!

 If you damage the character of another, you damage your own.

 LAUGH like You have Never Cried, PLAY like You have Never Lost,

LOVE like You have Never Hurt And LIVE like There is No Tomorrow!

 Two Things that Define SUCCESS In LIFE: -

The Way You Manage when You Have Nothing & Way You Behave when You Have Everything!

 Don't concentrate on what Someone Else can Do that you Cannot.

Concentrate on What You can Do That Others Cannot.

 Never be too proud of who You are & What Position you Hold

Because After a Game of Chess The King & The Pawns are tossed Into The Same Box !


  1. “Floating down the flow needs no effort, But swimming against it needs effort”
    So please don’t go
    the way life takes you,
    Take the life the way you want to go

  2. Coins always make sounds ,
    But currency notes are always silent

    So whenever your value increases keep yourself calm & cool