Sunday, June 17, 2012


Donation of blood is a sign of kindness and care for the fellow human beings. There is no gift more valuable than a gift of blood as it is actually a gift of life for the person who receives it. is an online edge for bringing mutually giving blood donors and patients who needs blood in India.

You can go to the nearest government approved blood center which is based on voluntary non/remunerated blood donation and make your significant contribution to saving life of a patient by donating blood. Your contribution is extremely valuable to us. is an organization that maintains the details of donors from various places and display their details who need blood

What is:
  • An organization that maintains the database of donors.
  • Collects blood samples from various donors and register their names.
  • Create awareness among the people about blood donation.
  • Then you must rest and relax for a few minutes with a light snack and something refreshing to drink. Some snacks and juice will be provided.
  • Blood will be separated into components within eight hours of donation.
  • The blood will then be taken to the laboratory for testing.
  • Once found safe, it will be kept in special storage and released when required.
  • The blood is now ready to be taken to the hospital, to save lives.
  • What not is:
  • Its not a commercial organization that collects funds.
  • Its not an organization that stores blood as in blood bank. It is not a blood bank.
  • The blood is now ready to be taken to the hospital, to save lives
  • Contact

    University Post Graduate College

    Godavarikhani, Karimnagar.


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