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Full text of Shri. Andra Vamsi IAS Civil Services Interview- APRIL 2011 ( PART-III )

Full text of Shri. Andra Vamsi IAS Civil Services Interview- APRIL 2011 ( PART-III )

Being under Training am not granted with the privilege to give the exam in IRS. Hence after taking my Posting at Vijayawada, gave my third attempt that is in 2010 which finally got me into IAS.


This time its  Razni Razdan's Board. The third and final interview of mine. As usual the same with Chair Person , M1 being the DG of IIFT , Mr. Chako IAS, M2 a guy who is very well aware of the AP systems , M3 and M4. The interview lasted for 25 minutes  . Its approximately 3.05pm when I did enter into the Chairperson s Chamber and 3.30 pm when I did come out.

Me:      Good Afternoon mam and Good Afternoon every one

CP:      As usual, Good Afternoon . Please tell me your name and Date of Birth

Me:      Madam , myself Andra Vamsi and the Date of my Birth is 13th august , 1985

CP:      Is this your photograph ?

Me:      yes mam. (the same Photo Which troubled me during my second interview. This time thought of making a photograph with a suit fitting into the chairperson's chamber. But the difference can be attributed because of the previous photograph in the application and the present one which she wants to confirm.)

Then she passed on her finger to M1 to start the process

M1:      So Mr.Vamsi you are into IRS. Which batch do u belong to ?

Me:      yes Sir , I belong to 2008 batch IRS , Income Tax Department.

M1:      where are you working right now ?

Me:      yes sir am working at Vijayawada since 1st june , 2010.

M1:      does the taxation deparments provide for any type of exemptions. ?

Me:      sir, please make it clear whether it's the direct tax exemptions or the indirect tax exemptions.

M1:      tell me the Indirect Taxes first and then the Direct Taxes.

Me:      Sir, with respect to the Indirect Taxes we do have some benefits like Duty Entitlement Passbook Scheme , Duty Free Replenishment Certificate , evasion of Scrip Duty , Input Credit Waiver etc. most of these things are concerned with respect to the trade exemptions. The input credit lessens the cost of production , there by leading to decrease in the finished product cost and finally boosting up the sales , increasing the competitiveness in the market , increasing  the domestic trade as well as international trade, increasing the exports thereby reducing the final cost of consumption and avoiding the cascading effect in terms of taxation. (fundamental of VAT/GST.)

M1:      how about the direct taxes?

Me:      sir, we do provide exemptions under section 10A, 10B, 80IA, 80IB, 80HHC, Section 10 where a wide variety of things are dealt to provide exemptions like agricultural income, section 11 for the educational and health trusts etc..

M1:      why are they provided and to whom are they provided in the case of 10A,10B etc.?

Me:      sir most of them are meant for the export related exemptions and also to ensure the regional balanced development , some areas like the back ward regions are specifically identified for the direct tax exemption purposes.

M1:      You mean to say it as exports  . Then please do tell me some trades where you are providing these kind of exemptions.?

Me:      sir, we are providing these sort of exemptions for the herbal extracts trade, infrastructure development trade, power sector trade, back ward regions tourism promotions etc.

M1:      you forgot to mention  about the exemption being provided for the research and development.

Me:      yes sir, under section 35CCE or 35 related direct tax exemptions are being provided for the scientific research and development purposes.

M1:      Tell me the concept of taxation. What is the basic purpose to levy the tax?

Me:      Sir, the first purpose to levy the tax is to generate the revenue  and to utilize the amount for social expenditure purposes. The other purpose is to provide the subsidy.

M1:      How can you say that the taxation provides the subsidy  . its totally disinclined to your answer.

Me:      Sir, the purpose is to levy tax on the rich and distribute the collected amount to poor by various means of social infrastructure development schemes. It in turns provides the Socio Economic Justice by reducing the gap between the rich and poor.

M1:      You have undergone the Income Tax Training . Are you aware of Companies Act.?

Me:      Yes Sir.

M1:      why the companies usually go for a share capital.?

Me:      Sir, the purpose to increase the share base is to increase the amount of Capital and Capital Surpluses thereby encouraging the Investment. Also as per the income limits specified for various categories of Persons as per the IT Act, and also to avail more and more credit , to enhance the citizen participation with in the public and private limited companies , usually the share capital is being issued.

M1:      How its being done.?

Me:      Sir, am not aware of all the content right now . but as per the specifications the share base of public limited company is being limited to 50 and the Partnership Firm is being limited to 20. This share base can be either by means of an Authorized Capital and  A Paid Up capital. These are the things defined as per the Companies Act,1956 and the Partnership Firms Act. The basic purpose is to promote the public investment and public participation in the entrepreneurial process.

Now the turn for M2.

M2:      so vamsi you mentioned that you are placed in          Accenture as Junior Software Engineer. Why can 't you be in that which fetches you more money than the one in Civil Services.

Me:      Sir, getting into All India Service s is my first priority since my B. Tech Education days. That s the reason why I have given the exam twice till I get into All India Services.  And that's clear till I get into IAS am going to give the exam.

M2:      you are working at Vijayawada right now. When you have been posted there.?

Me:      Sir, Since 1st June ,2010 I have taken the charge as Asst. Commissioner Income Tax – Circle -2(1).

M2:      I heard that the real estate development in Krishna District is rampant . Can you please tell me the reasons for that.?

Me:      as far as my knowledge is concerned , it's a bit dormant right now. Some of the reasons that can be attributed to this thing are excess credit flows, NRI investments  and a bit speculation added to the market levels in and around the Vijayawada. More or less the areas adjoining the Krishna delta are fertile enough which adds value to the land costs over there.

M2:      Cant there be a factor like the natural Resource Development there like the Gas?

Me:      Sir,  the KG gas basin can be one of the reasons , but not the complete statement to say that the real estate boom has been marked by it. Availability of credit at right point of time is the prima facie thing to direct the real estate trade.  However the real estate impact is spread across the 2 districts of Krishna and Godavari, comparatively less attributed to Vijayawada.

M2:      you mentioned that you won a prize for the Police Commemoration Day. Please tell me what is that . And why did you get it?

Me:      Sir, every October 21st, the Police Commemoration Day is being observed to salute the martyrs of the Police who laid down their lives in Service of nation. The origin can be attributed to 1959, Chinese Aggression over Hot Spring , Ladakh where the paramilitary forces had laid down their lives to defend the country over the Chinese Attacks. During the year 2000 vide the District competition in terms of elocution and essay writing , I have won the prize , during the competition s conducted by the then Superintendent of Police for my District.

M2: Mr.Vamsi, you have mentioned that you are placed in Accenture as Junior Software Engineer. Why did you leave that Placement when its offering much salary when compared to that of this public services.?

Me: Sir, Getting into All India Services is my first priority   and I will be giving the exam till I achieve it. I have made my career plans very clear from the Stages of Graduation. It s merely a Placement and I haven't even joined the Accenture after getting Placed into it. The same can be attributed to the Career Profile of IRS indeed.

Now the turn for M3


M3:      Mr.Vamsi , please tell me the natural resources required for the development of Agriculture?

Me: Sir, we do require a  sustained irrigation , fertile soil and proper monsoons for the growth of agriculture. Apart from this , the requirement of Natural Fertilizers and also the seeds for fresh crop cultivation are a must.

M3: Anything apart from that ?

Me: A balanced irrigation and the conservation of ground water leads to sustainable agriculture.

M3: How do you achieve this ?

Me: Sir, first of all the competitive digging of wells or the canals should be avoided and a common ground water reserve or ponds should be developed. A grid pattern of canals right from the Storage Pond further avoids this competition and equitable distribution of water is ensured. Thus we can preserve the rain water and also avoid the disputes in terms of Water Allocation.

M3: Any other sources of irrigation apart from the storage tanks , Please do say?

Me: Sir, we can also follow the minor irrigation techniques that are bound with low investments like the sprinkler and the drip irrigation.

M3: How about the Soil Conservation ?

Me: The strategy of bio fertilizers is the one which we should adopt so as to increase the nutrient contents of soil. For example, the nitrogen fixing bacteria is one strategy, use of organic manure, rich potash and urea contents and using the high yielding variety seeds and checking the tendencies of soil erosion.

M3: How about the Pesticides , what do you suggest in terms of the fertilizers usage?

Me: I do prefer using the nitrogen rich content which otherwise increases the growth rate and productivity of the soil. Crop diversification further leads to the improvement of soil which otherwise contains the growth of pests and organic manure also may act as deterrent to that. Whenever the situation demands the usage of chemical fertilizers is taken, subject to the research evaluation.

M3 : How do you improve the Waste Lands ?

Me: Establishment of a water grid which I had said earlier leads to the increased water supply which improves the fertility of soil. Apart from this adhering to the growth of drought and water resistant crops can also improve the conditions of waste and fallow lands. For some places we can also cultivate the Jatropha plants which do require less water.

Now the Final Turn is up to the  M4.

M4: Please tell how to improve the economic growth rate and how to improve it?

Me: Sir, the term economic growth is having a vast scope. According to my perspective ,focusing upon the growth rates of agriculture, manufacturing, services, education or human resource development, improvising the health sector, increasing the Tax-GDP ratio, boosting up the exports, containing the fiscal deficit, development of energy and power sectors, industries , poverty alleviation , growth in urban sector, improving the employing growth rate, increasing the economic relations, lessening the subsidies, rational tax structure, containing inflation etc …with sector specific target driven growth rates being achieved along with the utility of non performing assets , containing of sick units leads to the development of economy as whole.

M4: Please tell me about the Planning Commission?

Me: Sir, It's a body created on the lines of an Executive Resolution established in the year 1950 so as to assess the men and material resources in the country and prepare plans for the Individual States as well as the Nation as a whole. Its designed on the lines of USSR model. Planning Commission also deals with the Hill Area Perspective Planning, National Informatics Centre, National Centre for Applied Economic Research, Perspective Planning and Indicative Planning etc. it does have regional centres established which do work in liaison with the Centre Planning Commission to assess the Income and determine the Planned Expenditure and Non Planned Expenditure for the over all development of the State.  Its  headed by the Hon'ble Prime Minister and the Deputy Chairman being a person equivalent to a Cabinet Minister prepares the Plan and gets it approved. It also do consists of a Plan  Appraisal Committee to evaluate the implementation of the plans and obtain their feedback in Toto.

M4: You mean to say that the States haven't got any role with in the Planning Commission.

Me: Sir, with in the administrative set up, the States Representation within the Planning Commission may not be much. But the role of planning Commission if confined to prepare the plans, usually the five year plans or the annual plans , assess the income and expenditure for the national development. The interests of the States are being protected by the National Development Council, which approves the Plans put forth by the Planning Commission.

M4: What is National Development Council?

Me: Sir, Its another body created under the Executive Resolution. The task of NDC is to approve or enhance or change the priorities identified by the Planning Commission or fix the targets as determined by the planning Commission. It consists of all the Union Cabinet Ministers, Members of Planning Commission and also the Representatives of all the State's Chief Ministers, thus the State's being given due weight age in terms of the Plan Approval and Plan Appraisal.

M4: you mean to say that the NDC got a superior role when compared to that of the Planning Commission?

Me: Yes Sir, it's the NDC which decided, approves and appraises the Plans in Toto. The role of Planning Commission is to identify the Priorities and see their effective replication in terms of plan income and expenditure.

M4 : How do you improve the literacy rate in India?

Me: There  are  3 steps to achieve this one, increase the enrolment ratio, two, reduce the drop out rate and third increase the gender parity. All the above objectives can be achieved through proper budgeting and public investment viz education sector. The role of private partners to the public interest can also be taken into consideration.

M4: what else ! Have you ever heard about Sam Pitroda ?

Me: Yes Sir, He is the Chairman of National Knowledge Commission.

M4: What are his Contributions , Do you have any idea?

Me: He steered the concept of reforms within the education sector and the enhancement of technical knowledge to be equipped amongst the modern generations. Also his contributions in terms of technological revolution are reflected in terms of the establishment of scientific research and institutions,  telecom revolution and development and IT and Pharma Related simulation projects in India.

M4: Haven't you heard of the National Knowledge Grid?

Me: Sir, its another concept designed by him. The fundamentals being simple that the Knowledge should be distributed amongst all the segments of nation . Such that the Nation In Toto develops in terms of advancement of Knowledge , Instilling the Scientific Temper and the sharing of ideas and innovations there by developing the technical skills of the population as a whole.

That 's all friends and finally its over getting into IAS. This year I am rewarded with 225 marks in the Civil Services Interview.

My Marks are mentioned Below:

Roll No.          : 165037
Name              : ANDRA VAMSI

Rank               : 273


Civil Services (Main) Examination 2010




Essay(Paper III)



General Studies (Paper-IV)



General Studies(Paper-V)

















Written Total



Interview Marks



Final Total



Remarks: Recommended.

Qualified for  Indian Administrative Services.

Special Thanks to Late Shri S.R.Sankaran,IAS, Shri.Kaki Madhava Rao,IAS& Shri.K. Gnana Prakash,IRS who made me realize this Good Scores through Interview Preparation.


  1. SIR,How I can develop such type of ALL ROUND answerable knowledge,which type of books are needed and how can we study and express fluently sir,please reply me..
    and also the studying process and procedure

  2. Its wonderful, we are lucky to have such a person as our CDO. Best wishes.

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  6. Very simple and true information sharing.. My heartiest congratulations and pranam sir.

  7. we are felling proud that mr. Vamsi sir is DM of our dist.

  8. Its wonderful Sir, We are lucky and its great pleasure for me to interact with you and have such a person as our DM. Best wishes Sir.

  9. Nice to know ur achievement.
    I m from kushinagar district where u posted as DM.good work is being done in supervision in kushinage.
    I m preparing for ias.

  10. Nice to know ur achievement.
    I m from kushinagar district where u posted as DM.good work is being done in supervision in kushinage.
    I m preparing for ias.

  11. Hai sir very good achievement sir.
    I am from Guntur.i feel very proud to listen that you qualified for civil services in the morning first attempt.

  12. Hai sir very good achievement sir.
    I am from Guntur.i feel very proud to listen that you qualified for civil services in the morning first attempt.

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