Thursday, March 7, 2013

Voice against UPSC new pattern

HUMAN CHAIN FORMATION Dharna Chowk, Hyderabad
UPSC has brought in the long pending reforms in the Civil Services (Main) Examination, which is a welcome development but certain changes seem to be going against the very purpose behind such reforms. Unexpected and sudden restriction on medium of language i...ntroduced by UPSC has come as a big blow to telugu medium aspirants, a majority of whom come from rural background and economically weaker sections.We honestly feel that all our aspirants irrespective of the medium of language have a moral responsibility to stand up in support of our telugu medium brethen and help them in carrying their genuine concerns to the Government and UPSC. So, let us all meet on 8-3-2013 at Dharna Chowk (near Indira park) at 4 PM to debate and discuss the various implications of these reforms and subsequently take our concerns to the Government. Many prominent intellectuals also feel that some reforms are unfair and biased and have expressed their interest to participate in our deliberations. Your presence at Dharna Chowk will go a long way in enhancing the quality of the debate and will add a great strength to the cause. Looking forward to meeting you.

Civil Service Aspirants
Andhra Pradesh

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