Monday, March 4, 2013

Practical tips to tackle CSAT

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How to tackle Civil Service Aptitude Test ( CSAT )

With simple maths questions and very few decision making questions, CSAT has practically become test of reading comprehension/ test of English language.

Here are some tips to overcome this before UPSC takes some steps to address this:

1. Try to finish maths, logical reasoning and decision making questions (which don't have -ve mark) first. You have to quickly go through paper and find where they are. Don't commit mistake while filling the right answer in answer sheet.

2. The passages seem to be too technical (scientific/finance terms) or philosophical (thought streams). Hence read at least one passage of scientific, financial, or philosophical per week from The Hindu or Yojana. This will also be useful for your essay or GS.

3. [Important- While writing exam] There are so many small passages with technical terms, and for each passage only 2-3 questions are asked. The questions are not direct that you can pick a work or a sentence and answer. They ask for gist or thought flow to test your grasping power. The strategy to be followed is:

a. Don't waste time in reading and re-reading the passage. You may end up not even attempting many questions.
b. Quickly read questions first, without reading four options. Then go back to passage and read it only for once. Now read the question again and tick the answer. Believe in yourself. You can go back to passage only if you think that, it is absolutely needed. But remember; don't do this for too many times.

4. Attempt as many questions as possible, because no one can be 100% sure about answers. If you have attempted 50% of the paper, there are more chances that you will fail. But if you attempt 80-90% your chances of clearing will increase.

5. Attempt a question even if you are less than 50% sure. You decide when to attempt, and believe in yourself.

6. Try to join some institute where reading comprehension is taught and also improve your vocabulary. Keep a dictionary always with you and refer to it whenever you come across new word.


  1. ir, i have completed my MBBS and am planning to take up civils preperation by joining a good institute from may/june. please help me and guide in making my next 2 months most purposeful and fruitful.should i start studying optional subject for study gk? And which is the best book to have overall brushup in GK?

  2. Dear srikanth,

    we have posted various article on this, pls read and for further information contact all the best