Thursday, February 19, 2009

Welcome to ITCSA

Indian Telugu Civil Servants Association

Together For Each Other...Together for the better

* What is ITCSA?

ITCSA stands for ‘Indian Telugu Civil Servants Association’. It is the group of Civil Servants hailing from Andhra Pradesh working in different parts of India and abroad. The idea was conceived on 9th November, 2006 by Telugu Civil Servants of 80 Foundation Course (LABASNAA, Mussorie). The association uses web-based Google Group named ‘ITCSA’ as the major platform for interaction among members. Anyone can interact with ITCSA members at:

* What are the Aims and Objectives?

To stay in touch with each other as a cohesive group forever.
To share knowledge and information on a variety of issues.
To share one’s experiences in his/her area of work in the government.
To get news updates about the family and career of all group members.
To help each other in times of need.
To plan group events such as get-together’s etc.
To share fun stuff such as jokes, puzzles, funny messages, Quotes etc.
To organize / facilitate / contribute towards charitable work (depending upon one’s capacity ‘n interest) – Tree plantation, Blood Donation camps etc.
To give moral and monetary support to issues and organizations working in public interest.
To guide Civil Service Aspirants (especially with rural and poor background) not only in their preparation for Exam but also by sharing one’s first hand experiences in the government, i.e., the field realities of bureaucracy.
To organize / attend / facilitate seminars and work shops on civil services preparation, especially through non-profit and government-run coaching centres.
Any other activities with the concurrence of group members.
(Civil Services Aspirants can blog their queries
which will be answered by the members)


  1. My heartly welcome to would be CIVIL SERVENTS.
    The water in your jug
    Is brackish and low
    Smash the jug
    And come to the river.
    -A.P.J.Abdul Kalam.

  2. hi shiva...hope our aspirants will use this forum

  3. Hi Ravi..Please post a detailed note on how to start a new post,reply to a post or follow a post etc.I think it is better to give links of useful websites here for the benefit of aspirants .

  4. these websites will help our friends to get basic idea

  5. its a great idea to start a blog for new aspirants
    kranthi IPS

  6. hai ravi i had sent an email to you.please check and revert with the details as im planing to apear for civils in 2010.I thank you in advance for the good job that ur doing here.

    Thamks & Regards

  7. hi sir mainly thank u for beginning this blog this helps the people who want become an civil service member once again thanking u sir ur's rakesh

  8. hi sir, this is prasad from Indian Navy. i am planning to appear in CSE-2010 in Telugu medium but i am finding some difficulty in getting material in telugu medium for my optionals History & Sociology. Pse suggest me which all books i should refer for the same and also pse guide me for GS. My E-mail id : Thank u sir

  9. Some general points for MAINS preperation...

    1. Have a good diary or notebook to monitor you preparation. This will have your time-lines, booklists, schedules etc. .Begin with the end in mind. Start with the question papers of the previous years. Buy the latest edition that has the 2009 papers also. Read all the previous years question papers 1 - 2 times. Especially, read 3 - 4 times the question papers of 2000 - 2009.

    2. On A4 paper, take sufficient copies of the syllabus of all the subjects. For optionals, on A4 paper, you can cover Paper 1 on one side, and Paper 2 on the other side. Read the syllabii 3 -4 times and know the sub-headings by heart. You would also be roughly able to remember the topics in each subheading. [e.g. In Geography 1, there are 10 subheadings, like Geomorphology, Climatology, and Oceanography. Under each subheading there are topics to be covered.]

    3. Optionals: After reading the question papers, make a table analysing the question papers of last 7 - 10 years. You should be able to have on single spread-sheet in your diary, a table showing the distribution of questions from the different subheadings in the last 7 years in any one paper. Some subjects ask short notes directly from the syllabus. [e.g SQ on "Applied Geomorphology" in Geography. These are topics in the syllabus.] Read the question paper and tick those SQ's that are directly from the syllabus. Highlight these topics on the syllabus. You may see a pattern in the syllabus, telling you which area to concentrate more on.
    You should be able to do Steps 1 - 3 in less than 3 - 4 days' time.

    Next inputs awaiting...

    Putta Vimaladitya.

  10. Very usefull Blog.
    I have seen about this blog in HMTV this day
    and Mr. Sadhu Narasimha Reddy, IRS has introduced. Thanks to you all.

  11. Thanks a lot for sharing your experiences and detailed information on preparation. I am very excited after reading the blog and very happy to know that there are few seniors who can support/inspire/motivate me for this entrance.

    I have seen the program in HM TV and came to know about this blog. I am very happy and feel great to know about this blog.

    Please keep updating with more information.

  12. Regarding Prasad query dated, 1st Nov 2009:
    Hay prasad, for the prelims you didn't mentioned your optional. If history is your prelims optional you have to study NCERT-History (11th and 12th standard) (3 books) and KrishnaReddy INDIANHISTORY (TaTa Me grail publishing).After that do practicepapers.For the prelims it is advisable to study English material only. For the preparation of mains in telugu medium it is better to study SEENAYA notes on history which is available in Xerox centers in hyd and KRISHNAREDDY books(4 books)and Bipin Chandra(India struggle for Independence(in telugu).It is not enough for the perfect preparion.After that on availability of Time you have to refer English material also. There is no one book for the GS in Telugu medium .First took either vijethscompetitions or Uyogasopanam GS book (Group-1).
    Modern INDIA (spectrum publications) (English)
    Indian polity (Laxmikanth) (English)
    Indianeconomy (NCERT & prathiyogithadarpan)
    Science& tech (Spectrum publishers)
    For the current affairs u can read Vivek, Yojana, Kurukestra (English) etc.Apart from that many Telugu material available in the market.
    First plan your preparation with time management and do practice writing answers.

  13. Hi sir, it is very nice and very helpful to asipirants in andhrapradesh

  14. hi sir, I want suggestion...from three years I am preparing for civils with geography optional in prelims, but i can't get through. recently I got job as E.O in Endowments I have only two attempts for civils. I am very confused shall i go for civils or Gr-I in state services? plz give me suggestion

  15. Great...!!
    Got to know of this blog thru a TV Channel...
    Its really helpful...:)
    Am Thankful to all the people who started, worked/working for this blog to run successfully..

  16. Hay naram, First Come out of confusion. If you are in confusion will not take the right decision at the right time. There is no need of separate preparation for civils and G-1.But Civils exam is going on with certain time period. So, it is easy to clear exam with strategic time planning, if u are so confident in clearing the exam.
    For the failure in Geography optional first think what is wrong with the preparation. Why U are not able to get cutoff mark (whatever it may be).Ensure yourself for getting more than cutoff mark with your hard work by practicing model papers.
    Always welcome to this blog for clearing your doubts.

  17. hai sir im mani frm ongole,, i hav completd biotechnology recently.. i decided 2 take botany and public admin as optionals for these optionals are good? and im trying for 1st attempt..idont hav any contcts wth old winners,kindly give meur valuble suggestions plz....



  18. Hai Mani,
    No optional is good or no optional is bad. It depends on your attitude towards the subject. Before selecting optional first see the syllabus and previous question papaers.Then decide which is comfortable to you. With public admin many people are getting success, with botany small number getting success. First check yourself which optional is suitable to you.

  19. i want the following codes of these
    1. examination centre code
    2. education qualification codeB.Ed
    3. Optional subject socialogy and botany
    4. commission notice number

  20. Thank You for starting this blog which is very useful for civil services aspirants in A.P.
    Kindly give some idea on how to prepare for Telugu Literature and availability of material and strategy to score good marks.


  21. hi sir this is pradeep may i know the basic books of pub add iam a science graduate and wanted to know basic books of pub add as if now iam reading ncert books wanted to know the basic books sir plz tell me as pub add is my optional for prelims sir...thaking u sir

  22. Hay yellapu v r a n,
    In Telugu literature if u prepare well u will get up to 360-370.there are many of my friends who got this scores. There is lot of material available in the market. But first start with nagaraj sir notes, then keep on updating that notes with your own views and by studying other material in the market. For getting good marks u have to write answers in literary language with clarity of mind and thought. Practice is more imp for getting good marks.

  23. dear
    Sivasankar sir IRS
    Thank You very much for kind suggestions.


  24. this is A nageswararao iam willing to join in this esteemed blog for rural students for craccing ias and central servicess

  25. congratulations to Sadhu Narasimha reddy garu bcz i am coming from karepalli. khammam sir pls send me the guidance for public administration for mains..

  26. congratulations & thanks to the founders (officers) of this blog . the rural people will benefit from this exalent guidance for upsc exams

  27. hello every body im preparing for cse2010 anybody pls send me the public administration sites,material or author to my mail id

  28. Hi shiva..nice to see you here with aspirants..keep it up....sadhu

  29. Friends...

    Just to inform you that you people are luckey to have more than twice the no. of vacancies in our time, i am giving the list of 2006 batch.

    Mona Pruthi bagged the first rank in the Civil Services (Main) Exam, 2005. UPSC has recommended 425 candidates for appointment to IAS, IFS, IPS and other Central Services based on Civil Services written examination conducted in October-November 2005 and interviews held in April 2006. The list includes 210 General (including 06 Physically challenged candidates), 117 Other Backward Classes ( including 03 Physically challenged candidates), 57 Scheduled Castes (including 02 Physically challenged candidates) and 41 Scheduled Tribes(including 01 Physically Challenged candidate) candidates.

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  31. dear sir, kindly intimate me whether any textbooks available in telugu medium for anthropology and public administration. i have already obtained muniratnam sir notes on anthropology.besides these kindly intimate list of textbooks i have to study in telugu medium for anthropology and public administration.

    with regards

  32. For anthro and pub. adm. Dr.B.R.A.O.U degree and PG books along with telugu academy,orient longman books and vejeta competitions books are worth reading.

  33. Sir Please suggest me some books in Telugu medium for Pub Adm and History. Does the material of BRAOU suffice ? Degree or PG level....plz suggest !! Thx in advance.

  34. hello all,

    I was contemplating on taking telugu literature as my optional for upsc...can some one suggest how this optional is faring...i mean to say given good efforts is it possible to score marks in the range of 350 - 380 in the exam?(i know there will be gifted few who has a natural flair will manage to score excellent talking about the other set of students)...
    if so what should the srategy be?

    thanks in advance for the help...

  35. hello sir ,as my background in btech is electronics,iam average in my academics.i took pub ad as 1optional and iam in a confusion to take 2nd optional.but, my interest is psychology ,is socialogy is better to choose.iam new to this feild ,i completed btech recently ,i dont have any knowledge abt the subjects as iam not related ,give me suggestion that how can i improve standards with in less time .

  36. Hello..sir,,Good morning... this is very useful blog for civil services aspirants like me.. I have read about this blog on Udyogasopnam yesterday.. I am very thankful to you...

  37. sir iam satyanarayana stydy a.u. i want to write civils in2014. for prelims which medium is better
    for mains also mains optionals present or change in next two yrs
    3.without coachinf ihave get
    4.where material available somuch many hours each one study

  38. sir may i now which books i have to study public adm in telugu mediem

  39. iwane write in teluge give me gidence

  40. iam preparing for civil service.
    i want to public administration book in telugu plz send me to my mail, my mail address is plz send me sir.

  41. Sir i am prepare in civils in telugu pls tell me which books can i refar and i chose anthropology is my optinal subject pls tell refer books,my mail