Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Centre to lower age limit for civil service aspirants ???

The Hindu newspaper today reported that central govt. is planning to lower age limit for civil service aspirants as recommended by 2nd ARC.In fact, It's the old pdf that came out in the last few days of UPA. Protests have also happened on this issue. The news is as below..

Limit will be 29 for SC/ST, 28 for OBC, 26 for open candidates

In a move that could affect thousands of civil service aspirants across the country, the Centre intends to reduce the upper age limit and number of attempts of applicants with effect from 2015. Going by the new norm, the upper age limit will be 29 years for SC/ST candidates, 28 years for OBC and 26 for the unreserved category. There will be an additional two years for physically challenged candidates in each category.

At present, the upper age limit for SC/ST, OBC and unreserved candidates is 35, 33 and 30 years respectively.

According to information published on the website of the Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances, the number of attempts allowed for candidates appearing for the Civil Services Examination would also be reduced to six for SC/ST candidates, five for OBC and three for unreserved candidates.

The measures, recommended by the Second Administrative Reforms Commission (ARC) and almost entirely accepted by the government, were put up on the website a few months ago. The Centre has decided to retain August 1 in the examination year as the cut-off date for eligibility and not to review the structure of the examination (both preliminary and main) since this was only recently changed.

MDMK leader Vaiko urged the Centre to withdraw its plan to bring down the upper age limit.

source : http://www.thehindu.com/todays-paper/centre-to-lower-age-limit-for-civil-service-aspirants/article6609797.ece

DoPT yet to notify change

Govt favoured reduction of upper age limit from 2015.

Even as the Second Administrative Reforms Commission report, recommending reduction in the permissible age for appearing in the Civil Services Examination and the government's stand on the issue has been in the public domain for the past few months, the Department of Personnel and Training is yet to issue any notification implementing it. But a senior government official said: “The very fact that the government's decision has been mentioned in the report does not at all mean that it has been implemented. This can only be construed as indication of the government's intention. It can be implemented only by fulfilling mandatory administrative requirements.”

source : http://www.thehindu.com/news/national/dopt-yet-to-notify-change/article6608982.ece

Analysis :  Lowering of maximum age of entry into the civil services has been a subject of intense deliberations in the country. The opponents of this idea argue that a higher age limit enables the candidates hailing from rural background to gradually reach a level-playing field with the urban youth. Also, rural candidates often complete their graduation later than their urban Counterparts. However, those in favor of the idea say that reducing the age limit will help in induction and grooming of young talent, ensure availability of civil servants for a longer span and also help ensure that only the genuinely bright candidates enter the services and not those who have, through repeated attempts over the years, ‘mastered’ the art of passing the examination. The Second Administrative Reforms Commission (ARC) has recommended lowering of age limit along with the reduced number of attempts.







2004- Hota Committee-





2nd ARC





Civil services survey 2010 on Recruitment and Placement

On par with Economic reforms,the Government have initiated several reforms in civil services in the country. A new Performance  Appraisal System has been introduced for All India Services and Central Civil Services. A new system for assessing the performance of government departments has also been initiated. A legislation to improve the management of civil services and to define fundamental values of civil services is under active consideration. The Government is also planning to bring changes in recruitment conditions/process of civil services. Considering the ongoing reforms, a survey of civil servants was conducted and the same is available at  http://darpg.gov.in/darpgwebsite_cms/document/file/civil_services_survey_2010.pdf . About 25% of the civil servants have participated in this survey and Some of the findings of the survey are also in line with the civil services reform measures recommended by different committees on Civil Services Reforms and the Second Administrative Reforms Commission.

The survey sought the opinion of the civil servants about a number of issues relating to entry into civil services such as maximum age of entry, post selection counseling, lateral entry at higher positions and selection for senior positions (JS and above) in Central Secretariat. 

Age of entry : Overall 67% of the respondents agreed that the maximum age of entry to the Civil Services should be lowered from the present level as younger recruits can be more easily groomed. Disagreement with the idea of lowering of maximum age of entry is stronger among the SC (31%), ST (32%) and OBC (37%) than in the General category (21%). Secondary data indicates that the average age of joining the civil services is higher amongst the officers of SC, ST and OBC.

Post-selection counseling for successful candidates :  Hota Committee on Civil Services Reforms had recommended that ‘probationers may be allowed one month’s time after commencement of training to exercise their option for Services.’ .  Eighty two percent (82%) of the officers agree that after selection in civil services, there should be further counselling enabling the candidates to make proper choice of services. 

From the above committee reports and Civil service survey, it appears that government is willing to introduce some changes in the examination, however nothing is finalized/notified till date.