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CSE 2014 Interview of Shri.Suneel Anchipaka

Shri.Suneel Anchipaka has completed M.Tech in computer science from IITG. He has worked for Nvidia corporation for 2 years. In 2012, he has secured 844 rank and joined in Indian Revenue Service(IncomeTax). In Civil Service Examination 2013(Results announced on 12-June-2014) he has secured 426 Rank. Following is the text of his 2014 personality test (UPSC interview).

David Sir board: Whatever i have recollected tried to put it. Total time duration 30mnts

Chairperson: Ur name is suneel
Me: yes sir

C: We are going through ur bio data thats been filled by u
Me: thank u sir.

C: What r u doing?
Me: joined IRS(IT)

c: when did u join?
Me: 2012 batch

c: why IAS
Me: direct interface with the public, diversified areas of working and better promotional opportunites. More over sir, I am willing to work at the cutting edge level of policy implementation.

c: How civil services has been changing esp before independence and after that
Me: Before independence sir mainly entrusted with revenue collection and maintain the stability
but after independence agent of social change in order to bring development.

M1(Lady): IRS provides you better opporutnities and one of the important service then why are you willing to join IAS? Can you give me convincing answer?
Me: Mam, IRS is one the important central service, it helps providing the bread and butter to the nation however mam I am willing to work at the gross root level.

M1: She said, Your answer is not convincing
Me: mam in IRS i may get interact with the business people most of the time, hardly gets a chance to interact with the common man but I am willing to work at the policy implementation level in diversified areas like health, education, rural devt, etc( looks like she is convinced)

m1: Tell me whats the cultural differences between North East and Hyderabad
Me: I tried to explain vaguely Bihu festival, Jaapi, people are cordial, etc(My self is not convinced with that answer)

m1: Compare the N-E poverty level and Andhra pradesh?
Me: N-E poverty levels are more and AP is relatively developed state. N-E poverty is because of geographical barriers, success goverment neglect, etc but however sir situation has been changing due to new developmental inititaitves like NEC, separate ministry and special category status.

m1: As a DM, what will you do in the N-E?
Me: focus on liveli hood needs like especially Develope power looms, bamboo technologies especially as hospital infrastrcture and efficient kerosne stove, etc focus on frugal innovations

m2: As a DM how do you control mob violence?
me: Proactive measures and curative measures. Proactive manner anticipate, deploy police forces and intelligence gathering with departmental coordination. Even if with all the steps, if something goes wrong then Take the help of local community leaders and trying send message though them to bring the law and order situation back, along with police personnale.

m2: As a IPS officer, how do u control?
Me: though IPS officer heads the police but DM is law and order in charge sir. Here there is a need for better coordination among different agencies.

m2: If your posted as IFS officer in the UAE where our sizable population is working then there is an allegation about an employee, who involved in some crime. then what would you do?
Me: Sir, first allegation has to be proved for that seek cooperation from UAE officials to probe then if allegations are proved then according to the law, has to take charge.

m2: If you are posted a secretary, law is not allowing you to do what you want then what will you do?
me: Sir, I would assume that, laws are made by the eminent civil servants with rationality of mind. then he interrupted me..

m2: if there is any conflict between law and what you want to do?
Me: sir, in this case ethics plays a role and some times ethics is beyond the law. I have a conscience that I need to reconcile my self. if i am unable to do that then need to think about whats my next step. it's a crisis of conscience situation sir.

M3: YOu said crisis of conscience. How do resolve that?
me: Sir, as a law abiding and constituionally abiding officer, first try to reconcile my self, If i am unable to do that then consult my peers, then superiors and still unmable to resolve then escalte further. If im still resolve then will resign .

m3: Is it not emotional decision?
me: Its not an emotional decision sir, because i have tried all the means available with me.

m3: Now your in IRS probationary,
me: yes sir, joined and taken leave to appear one more time.

m3: But still I assume, you have some basics.why tax to GDP ratio is stagnant in India?
me: sir, there are incidents of tax evasion and tax avoidance to exploit the loop holes of tax system. e.g recent vodafone case. But sir we r moving towards DTC, GST.

m3: whats the difference between tax evasion and tax avoidance.
me: replied

m3: How DTC simplifies.
me: replied

m3: Is GST direct and in direct
me: replied

m3: when DTC is introduced in India?
me: replied

m3: how direct taxes are preogressive?
me: replied. --> with super rich tax, etc

m4(lady): As a DM whats are priority areas?
me: equity, how to brdige geographical barriers, bringing the excluded section of the people on par with the main stream by finding out the what r root causes and how to brdige those by using ICT.

Education, health, etc

m4: Tell me concretely, how do you utilize ur back ground knowledge in administration?
me: Education --> biometrics for malady of teachers absentesim
    Health---> MCTS
    Mobile devices--> spread the awareness levels so that people can question authorities what entitlements     they are supposed to get.

m4: have you heard about mobiles and toilets in the news?
me: yes mam, unfortunately in India, number of mobile devices are more compared to toilets because of various reasons. People are not aware of negative implication of sanitation probs. e.g. i had given my village example  inspite of people have access to toilet they wont use.

chairperson: do u read today news paper?
me: yes sir, hindu.

c: I didn't ask the news paper name?
me: sorry sir.

c: whats intersting in the hindu?
me: english is good and means to improve my vocabulory

Finally chairperson said, wish you all the best suneel.

I said thank you sir, thanks for all.

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