Wednesday, June 19, 2013

List of Useful Books for Civil Service Exam

List of Useful Books for Civil Service Exam


Dr. N. Tej Lohit Reddy

(AIR-101 : 2013)



1.     History : Modern India by spectrum or Krishna reddy(Tata McGraw hill Indian history)

2.     Polity : Indian Polity for Civil Services Examinations by M. Laxmikanth

3.     Indian Geography : Khullar/spectrum

4.     World Geography : Gochengleong

5.     Science And Technology And Environment : spectrum

6.     Economy : Srirams IAS material

7.     Current Affairs : The Hindu newspaper + any one monthly journal

Note : 1. use internet extensively for everything

             2. CSAT :  practice is more important, take mock tests


i.) G.S : I can't suggest any books because pattern changed but newspaper and internet will help you very much.

ii.) Optional – I            Public Administration

Paper - 1 :

1. Nicolas henry (only few chapters like 2nd and 10th)

2. Organisational behaviour (judge robbins)(only a few chapters)

3. Administrative thinkers (Prasad and Prasad)

4. Administrative theories (fadia and fadia)

5. Public administration book by S.POLINAIDU

6. 2nd ARC reports (only few selected necessary chapter)

7. Sunil Gupta/ Vajiram and Ravi hand written notes


Paper - 2


1. Sunil Gupta/ Vajiram and Ravi hand written notes

2. Newspaper helps some times

3. 2nd ARC reports (a few selected chapters)

4. Use internet extensively for various reports by ministries


iii.) Optional – II     Anthropology

Paper - 1 :

1. Anthropology by ember and ember

2. Theories of Anthropology by upadhyay and pandey

3. Physical Anthropology by  P.Nath

Paper – 2 :

1. Indian Anthropology by Nadeem husnaian

2. Tribal Anthropology by Nadeem husnaian

3. Caste and other issues by Ram ahuja( read only caste)

4. Caste and other essays by M.N. Srinivas


Note: the books I suggested are not perfect and might not be adequate, read and supplement with other books or materials whenever necessary. All the best


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