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Full text of Shri. Andra Vamsi IAS Civil Services Interview 2009 ( PART-II )

PART- II                                 Dt. 11-04-2009





My  2nd  interview  for  the  civil s main 2008..held  as  on  11th April morning  session  allotted  for  the  KK Paul  s board. a  bit  tough  indeed  and  most  of  the  things  being  the  fact  based, which remained  unanswered  by  me...the  process  s  like  this. prior  to this  I have submitted  2  colored  photographs  of  poor  quality  wearing  a  Red Color  T shirt


the process  s  like  this  where  I  have been enumerating  it in a  proper manner...let  us  take  the chair man KK Paul  as  C  and the  rest  of  others  sitting  besides  to  him as  M1,M2,M3,M4..a  round  table  room ,a  bit  congested indeed .no  enough space  to walk  right from the door.. called  into the  room around 10.30 am, the  2nd  one  being  in the process  of 6  interviews  in the forenoon session. .realized that I have  been out of the  room at  11.03 am


Me: may I  come  in sir

C :   yes , come  in and  please have  your  seat

Me:  just  moved  around  the  table  and  wished  them "Good Morning Sir."

         bowing  my  head  as         usually.

C:    tell me  your  name  roll number and the  date of  birth 

Me:   sir  , my  name  s  Andra  Vamsi  and  the  roll  number s  087661 , followed    by the  date of birth 13th august  1985

C:  vamsi what  s  wrong  with  your  photograph? it  seems  that  you  have  taken  the  photograph  after  playing  a  holi


Then he  started  laughing   at  me  and  making  fun  of  me by  showing  the  photograph  to all the members. then  started the  struggle  of  being  apprehensive  and  quick  all  the  time in the board


Me:  no  sir  it  s nothing like  that  I  haven't taken it  after  playing the  holi

C: why it  s  like  that?

Me: I  don't know about it  sir. Hope  It s  fine

C:  you  are a  computer  science  engineer

Me : yes  sir

C:  tell me  about  fuzzy logic

Me: I  don't  know  sir  after  taking  a pause  for  few seconds

C: you  belong  to  CSE  have n't  u  read it?

Me: yes  sir , but I'm no t  able to recollect it  rite now

C: tell  me about  the peltier  effect,. hope you  have  studied  this also

Me: I  don't know  sir

C: you  have been recruited  to the  IRS  Income tax, which  batch  does  u belong           to?

Me: sir I belong  to  62nd  batch  of  IRS.

C: which  year  you  have  been recruited…?

Me:  I belong to 2007 civil services  exam recruitment…

C:   so for the past  2  years  you have been working

Me: no sir  its for the past  3 months  that I  have been undergoing  for  the IRS  training

In the mean time the M4  has said  that he has been into the  service  during  the year  2008 and skipped the foundation course,,,

C: you play cricket  or watch cricket (because  it  s  a  part  of  my games  activities)

Me: I play and  watch  the  cricket

C: which department are  you well versed  in the  cricket ?

Me: I'm a  left  hand  fast  bowler  sir

C: tell me few  left  handed bowlers  that  u does  know?

Me: sir  we  have got many people  ..some of them are  wasim akram, waqar  younis, zaheer  khan and  irfan pathan

M1:is  waqar  a left  handed  bowler

Me: a  bit  confused  myself and  again said it  as  the  left  hander  only

C: you  use  the left  hand  and  probably  a  left hander  for  all the  time

Me: no sir  I write  with right  hand  and most  of  the things  I'll do with the  left  hand

C: so  it s a cultivated  habit  that  u  have  got?

Me: yes  sir

C: tell me  few  cricketers  who got  the  same kind  of this  cultivated  habits

Me: sir , I  don't  know

C: what s the importance of  your  birthday?

Me: it s  the day  of international left hander s all  over  the  world

C: your  optional s  are  anthropology and  the public  administration, tell me  about ongese

Me: thought  of  telling  ,but  tried  to avoid  because  of the further  expected questions over this and finally I said don't know instead  of taking a guess

C :do you know the shompenes

Me: I  don't know 



Then he directed me towards  the M1


M1: why did  you choose anthropology as  your  optional?

Me: sir it  s because  of  2  reasons, the first being the  availability of  enough coaching  centre  s  and  the material  in Hyderabad and the  2nd  being of the reason that  it  does  provide me  an overview  about  the  socio  ,economic ,political, cultural and  other  insights of the mankind  which  are  very useful in the successful administration

M1:this  s formulated  by the britishers  and do you  still want to take the  colonial thing…I  think that its  of no  relevance today

Me :definitely   not sir. .even though it  traces it s  origin to the colonial  legacy , the existence of the  anthrop  s  still  relevant  today for  the effective implementation of the public policy

M1:you  do want to continue  to segregate  the people on racial line like the  colonial mindset

Me: not  at all  sir but what  all I need  is  to understand  all the  settings  I mean social, economic and  the political aspects  so that  it  serves  as  an  effective interface for the people  and  the system to ensure a better  policy framing and  its  successful  implementation

C: what  do you  know  about  the word POSH?

Me: sir  posh s  some thing  which means highly  stylish and civilized

C: every one does know  that ..tell  me or define  me  about the  word  Posh

Me: sir  as far  as  to my knowledge s concerned it  s  more  stylish and better  civilized  with  a better  refinement  in the behavior  and  the  effective use  of  the technology by the people. more over it s  nothing  but to be  stylish  enough and more fashionable

C:what  are the  origins  of  the  word  posh?

Me: I  don't  know

M1: do  you  know the anthropologist  Elvin?

Me: they even spelled  the  word  for me and  I  don't  want to  land into  troubles by  saying  yes  and expect further  questions  on him. finally  said it as don't  know  sir

M1:what  s meant  by  anthropometry?

Me: sir  it  deals with the  measurement  aspects  of the mankind  in different socioeconomic and the political aspects

M1:what about the physical aspects?

Me: yes  sir that  s what it  does and applies it to various settings

M1:then again you  want  to segregate  the people on the  racial  lines

Me: no sir I want to have an ease over the administration by having  an adequate  knowledge over this  things of the people…using  this we can identify many  people  belonging  to various  regions  in India  and can sense  their corresponding  social, cultural and  the  cultural, educational aspects…also  being  into  all  india  services  it  provides  the necessary  inputs  in terms  of the  above  said  aspects..still it  s  relevant

M1:so  you  feel  that  it  s  still  relevant ?

Me: yes  sir definitely  in the  implementation of  the public  policies  according  to the popular  mind  sets  and  also  for  a better  citizen –administrative interface and  moreover for the  all India services  its  of  so  much  use  where  people have been given different  cadre  s

M1:what  do  you mean by  nasal  index?

Me: it  deals  with the  measurement  of the  nose 

C: every one  does  know  that, tell me  something  new?

Me: sir  I don't  the technical  formula  of  that  sir  rite now  and  not  able to  recollect it



 Then he  directed his  hand  to the M2


M2:do  you  watch  telugu films?

Me: yes  sir

M2:do you  know  mrinal  sen?

Me: I don't  know  sir

M2:he  got  a national  award  for  the best  director. don't you know  him?

Me: I don't  know  sir

M2:to  which category  of direction he  won the national award?

Me: I don't  know  sir

M2:he  directed  only one telugu  movie. do you  know  that?

Me: I don't know sir

M2:do  u  know  the  movie  Oka  Oori kadha ?

Me: no, sir

M2:its  directed  by him

Me:k sir

M2:do  you  know  director  premchand?

Me: I don't  know sir

M2:do  you know satyajith ray?

Me: yes  sir I  does  know  him

M2:what are  green house  gases?

Me: sir  some of  them  are  the co2, so2,n2o…they aid  the  green house  effect  which  in turn leads  to the global warming.(interrupts  in the middle)

M2:what  s  the  green house  effect?

Me: sir  when   the  cosmic  rays  e.g. .IR,UV and  some  others etc..  enters  into the  earth  s  atmosphere  some of  these gases  react  with the chemical  compositions  present in  the  upper layers  of  the atmosphere  and  will get  the  ray  entrapped  due  to the  difference  created within the  wave  lengths  and  keeps them with  in the  earth s atmospheric  without  being  retreated  them out  of  the  earth. .these gases  in turn aid  them to  warm  the earth  s  other layers  which  in turn  leads to the global warming..

M2: what are it s effects?

Me: it  leads  to climatic  fluctuations  and  in  turn leads  to  invariable monsoons  leading  to drought  and  floods.. majorly  the melting  of  the  global ice and  rise  in the  sea levels

M2: how  does  it  impact  the  food security?

Me: it  may  lead  to  the  decline  in the  production due  to  the  invariability  of  the monsoons  and  also  its un predicted ness  lead  to un healthy production.

M2:do  you  think  that  India  doesn't  have the enough agricultural production?

Me: sir  we have got  comfortable levels but  a little amount  of  deficit  s  also there for  which  we  have been importing  so as  to maintain some  buffer  stocks

M2:so you  say  that  there  s  a  deficit  production  in the country?

Me: a  little  amount of  deficit  s  still there. we  also  have  to  build  enough reserves  or  the buffers  for  the  future needs  or  to  contain the adverse  situations

M2:what  are the major  food  crops  that we  are  importing?

Me: sir  the  first  one  s  wheat  an amount  of  13  million tones  this  year.  And  also  rice  too at  the same  time

M2:what  s the wheat  production this  year?

Me: sir it  s  78  million tones this year

M2:what  s the household  rating  for  the availability of  the food  grains?

Me: sir  still there  s  a need  to improve the availability  of  the food  security ..

M2:why do  you say  like  that  we  have got  enough food  production, maintaining   so many   buffer  stocks .do  u  think  that  the PDS s not  doing well what   are the major  reasons  for  its  failure?

Me: sir  we failed to  identify  the prime  beneficiaries  of  the  PDS  which  s  a major  drawback ,still there  s  enough scope  to contain  the black marketing  and  the hoarding activities..

M2:what  do  you know about  Azlam shah?

Me: I don't know

M2:a  sport  has been named after  him ,do you know that?

Me :I  don't know  sir


Then  the  turn s  for the  M3 ..In the mean time the  chairman


C: be  a bit  louder ,we  are not  able to hear you

Me: yes  sir

M3:vamsi  do  you think  that  tax  s  only  for  the  revenue  motive  or  is  there  any  other  thing  concerned  with the tax?

Me: sir  primarily tax  s  for generating  and  augmenting the revenue  ,,it  s  also  some time  s  used to  avoid  certain adverse  situation  s  like  inflation and also  to raise  the level  of  exports and the trade the  state  may cut  it  down ,I mean the  export  duty , to  improve the imports it  may  reduce or  decrease  at  the  same time with in the national  interest …the  best  example s  to  raise the  food  security  in terms of  the  imports  and  build  up  the  buffers. there  fore  it  does  depend upon the national  interest  whether  to raise  the  tax  in the motto of public  benefit  whether  to contain it  or  to raise it…the  prime  motto  s  to augment  the  revenue…

M3:what  s  the  difference between the  customs  duty  and the  excise duty. both  are duties only …what  s the differences  amongst  them?

Me: sir  both  are  indirect  taxes only. but  customs  duty s one  thing  levied on the  international  things  especially  on the imports and  the  excise  duty  s  with  in the  national  perspective that  s  levied  on the outlet  of the produced  good  from the factories..

M3:what  s the  specialty  of the excise  duty?

Me: sir its levied on the manufacturer  and  here  there s  an onus  on the  part  of  the  producer  to  pay  the  tax rather than the  consumer paying  the tax…its  an  indirect means  of levying  the tax  on the income of  the producer…moreover  it  s  also applicable to the states..

M3:do  you  know WTO?

Me: yes  sir it s  a multilevel  trade  institution  that provides  a free  trade  agreement  amongst  all the  nations  signatory to  it so  as to promote  the  free  flow  of  good  s and  the services  and  also  to enforce the process  of  the globalization..

M3:is  India  a signatory  to  it?

Me: yes sir

M3:when did India  join WTO?

Me: in the  year  1991

M3:how many  countries are their  in the  WTO?

Me: I  don't know  sir

M3:what  s  the  specialty of  the      WTO?

Me: sir  it provides  a  common  platform for  the  trade  of  goods and  services  amongst all the nations  and try  to ensure  equitable  trade with in the nations  internationally   and  at the  same  time it  tries  to  avoid the  regional  trading  blocks

M3:we  have got  many  regional  trading  blacks for  which  India  s  a signatory, why still we  are doing  this  things  despite  being  a part  of  the  WTO?

Me: sir  it  all  depends  upon my  nation  s  interest  to  secure  the  immense  trade  benefits  to the  people. if  I do  think that  this  has  got a  leverage  to improve the  trade  growth  and  the economic growth at the  very  best  then I  can prefer  both the  things..

M3:tell me  few  regional  trade agreements for  which India  has been a  part  of it?

Me: sir  we have  got  a PTA   with the  Chile ,FTA  with the  sri lanka ,about  to pursue  FTA  with the  Thailand, ASEAN , EU, and  also  an  RTA   with the  china

M3:what  s the difference  between the  PTA  and  the  FTA?

Me: sir  it  varies  according  to  the  degree  of  openness  to the trade and  the free  flow  of  good s  and  the  services ,PTA  s  degree of  flow  s comparatively  less  to that  of  the  FTA…FTA  provides  for  the nullification  of  the import  and  the export  duties ,elimination of  the  quantitative  restrictions  and  ensure  the free  flow of  the  trade …these things  cannot  be changed overnight  but  they are  realized progressively. how  ever  in the  case  of  PTA   these things  are  missing  and  the  trade  s  limited  to the selective  or preferred  good s and  the  services.




Then he directed  his  hand  towards the M4


M4:what  s the  Palestine issue  all about, what  s the conflict  going  on there?

Me: sir it  corresponds  to a land dispute  between two sects of  people the jews  and  the Palestinians  for the effective control  and  rights  over the holy  land of the Palestine. after  second  world  war  a new  state  named  Israel  has been carved out of  the holy place of Palestine  due  to massive  exodus  of  the Jews  from all the parts  of the  world…

M4:when  was  Israel  formed ?

Me: sir  I don't remember the  year  in which  it  was  formed but it  was  formed  after second  world war  due  to the  massive exodus of  the Jews  …previously a minor  amount  of jews  are  also living  in that place

M4:that s  all?

Me: the  problem  s  the  increased  violence  between the Jews and  the Palestinians  and  the launch of rocket launching  attack  s by  the Gaza  strip  people  into the Israel  territories…also it  s  about the failure  to arrive  at  the 2  state  solution ,the  Annapolis  conference  witnesses  a major failure in the year  2007  and  also  the  factions  with  in the  westbank  named  fatah headed  by  the mohammad  abbas  and  the Gaza based hamas  headed  by  ismael haniyeh

M4:when  was  rashtrapathi  bhavan  built..i  hope  u know  where  the  rashtrapathi bahavn is?

Me: I don't  know  sir

M4:what  is  it  previously  called?

Me: sir  its  called  as vice  regal  lodge

M4:what  is the peculiarity  of the  Swiss bank?

Me: sir  recently it  was  in the news the account name  of the  holder  will not be revealed and that  has provided the enough scope for the people to deposit  the  money whether  it  s black or white, legal  or  illegal with their  identities not being disclosed to the other s  ..

M4:it  s  an  issue  since  many  years?

Me: but  the impact of  its  secrecy  s  very much  felt  during  this  recession days  because of the squeeze in liquidity…that  has  led  to bankruptcy of many other things  and  also the availability of  credit  s  low  due to excessive  deposits  in the  Swiss  bank that  has been procured  through the false  means

M4:do  u know  when was  UPSC  formed…?

Me: sir it  has been existing before the independence and  formed  as Federal Public  Service Commission according  to the  Govt  of  India Act 1935.afte r  independence it has been named  as Union Public Service  Commission..

C:thank  you  you may go

Me:thanks  a  lot  sir


This  all  the  things  that  I have  memorized, lasted  for 30  minutes  and  the  conversation s  very  fast  indeed…will update  the  other  things  if  I recollect  them in the mean time.



Score   during  the Second  attempt CSE 2008



Civil Services(Main) Examination 2008




Essay(Paper III)



General Studies (Paper-IV)



General Studies(Paper-V)



Optional I,Anthropology







Optional II, Public Administration







Penalty Marks


Written Total



Interview Marks



Final Total



Remarks : Recommended.


Rank : 695


Qualified for the Indian Customs , On  a Court Verdict Services have been Re Allocated and am Placed into DANICS.


NOTE: Shri. Andra Vamsi, I.A.S is presently posted as
Assistant Collector & Joint Magistrate
Shahjahanpur, Bareilly Division
Uttar Pradesh


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