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Full texts of Shri. Andra Vamsi IAS Civil Service Interview 2008, 09 and 11 as 3 part series

Personality test / Interview test is the final test by UPSC to determine the eligibility of a candidate for giving entry into Civil Service club. In 2013 notification , UPSC has given some clarification on this phase of examination.

Interview test :


1. The candidate will be interviewed by a Board who will have before them a record of his/her career. He/she will be asked questions on matters of general interest. The object of the interview is to assess the personal suitability of the candidate for a career in public service by a Board of competent and unbiased observers. The test is intended to judge the mental caliber of a candidate. In broad terms this is really an assessment of not only his/her intellectual qualities but also social traits and  his/her interest in current affairs. Some of the qualities to be judged are mental alertness, critical powers of assimilation, clear and logical exposition, balance of judgment, variety and depth of interest, ability for social cohesion and leadership, intellectual and moral integrity.


2. The technique of the interview is not that of a strict cross-examination but of a natural, though directed and purposive conversation which is intended to reveal the mental qualities of the candidate.


3. The interview test is not intended to be a test either of the specialised or general knowledge of the candidates which has been already tested through their written papers. Candidates are expected to have taken an intelligent interest not only in their special subjects of academic study but also in the events which are happening around them both within and outside their own state or country as well as in modern currents of thought and in new discoveries which should rouse the curiosity of well-educated youth

In order to give better clarity for the Civil Service aspirants, on interview test, we are giving full texts of  Shri. Andra Vamsi IAS Civil Services Interview 2008, 09 and 11 along with his mark sheet as 3 part series.


PART- I               Dt. 02-05-2008




I  have been assigned  the  board  of  Ms.Shashi Uban Tripathi (IFS), a  former  Indian high commissioner  in the Canada s  Indian embassy …here  s  the  detailed interview  as  done on may  2nd…I  have  been called  as  the  fourth  member  in the  forenoon  session of  the  interview  chaired by Ms. Tripathi…I did  enter  the room  around 12.35 pm and  when I did come  out  I  noticed  the  time  as  1.25pm..probably  I do think that  the  interview  has  been done  about 47 to 48 minutes.  let  us  take  the  four members  as  M1,M2,M3,M4….how ever  to  my  memory s  concerned  I  did  notice  that  the  M4 s  former  SEBI  chairman  Mr.Damodaram. when I did  enter  the  room  I did  n' t  find his presence …some where  insides  the  curtains.. that s  all I  have  felt…let  s  follow  the  convention   as " Ms."   For  the  chairperson…  and  those  with in the  brackets  does  indicate my individual ideas which I didn't  utter  before  the board.,.


Here  s  the  process…


I  did  enter  the room  made  a  few  steps  into the  room  ,just  bent  the head  and  wishes  good  morning to  the  chairperson….…(I do follow  the  process  of  wishing  good  morning to a  person  when  I  have  met  him or  her  for the  first  time  in the  day…it  s  a  usual process  for me…so eventually  the  thing  s  that  I did  say  good morning)


Ms.. Good  afternoon

Me:  Good afternoon  madam, shall I take  the  seat…she  just  directed  her  hand  and I did take the seat.

 After  getting  myself seated,,,,


Ms.. so  you  are  Andhra  vamsi…(just  pronounced it  as  the  one  w r t  the  pronunciation of  Andhra Pradesh…when I'm supposed  to  recorrect  the  pronunciation… )

Ms. .is  it  pronounced  so???

Me.. sorry  mam its  pronounced  as  Andra (the  one that's  been in  the  word  androgynous)

Ms. .what  do  you  mean by  andra??

Me. .so  far  as to my knowledge  s  concerned  it mean s extremely masculine  in the  English literacy…(she  was  unable  to  hear  me and  I repeated  again…M3 did  assist  her  with respect to  that  and  M3 just  laughed at  me  saying  that  you  are  a  macho.. i too had  a  smile)

Ms. .please  let  me  know  your  roll  number  and  your  date  of  birth?

Me .madam my roll number  s  182337 and  my date of birth  s 13th august 1985

Ms. .so  you are  a software engineer??

Me:  yes  madam

Ms.  Which stream do you  belong to  in  engineering

Me. .mam  I do  belong  to the  computer science engineering  back ground..

Ms.. when did  you pass out  your  engineering…

Me..  mam its  in may 2006 I did pass out..


Then she  directed  her  hand  towards M1  who  s  sitting  extreme  left  to  her…  why do you want  to enter into civil services.??

Me.. sir,  civil  services  provides  me the wider  opportunity to  serve  the  people  and  that  s  the  reason why I do  want  to  get  into  it…

M1..whats the reason  that  does  made  you  to  have this  idea??

Me.. sir, right  from my childhood  I do  have  this  dream of  getting  into civil  services…I  have been effectively  motivated  by my  father  who  s  an NGO  activist…and  his  programmes  and  ideas  does  incite  the  feeling  for  me to  get  into civil  services…

M1.. then you can be  an  activist  like  your  father  and  the  serve  the people…why need to get  into IAS,, even the  IAS  officers are leaving their  jobs  and  turned out  to be  activists…

Me. yes  sir  I do agree with your  point  ,,but  I can say one thing  activism does arises when  the  system  s  not  doing the  things  in a  right  way and  right  manner,,, myself  being  exposed to  these  activisms  have made myself  a  strong  resolution,   not  to  commit  such mistakes  when I have  been in the  service.. and  more over activism s  related to a  single  issue  ,but  civil  services  provides  me the wider opportunity to redress the  problems  of common man… far 60  years  has  been over  and  we have n t  achieved  anything   and  you    are  saying that  we  can effectively  serve  the  people…how  s  it  possible??

Me. .sir, I totally  disagree with your  point  ,in this  sixty years  we have  progressively  realized  a  lot  of things  and success, ,in the  near  future  we'll  be performing much better  and soon we'll be the  best…

M1..are you sure?

Me.. yes   sir,,

M1.. so  how  will you achieve  the success?

Me.. we  can have it  step by step, progressive realization of  the  entire  programmes    and  depending  on the  past  errors  we  have  to  reshape  the contemporary  things  and  aspire  for  the  best  future…never repeat those mistakes . far  what  all the Vijayawada  has  made  the progress  in the  past 25 years…(I do  feel that  I  did  mention my plus  2  has been done  in vijayawada sri chaitanya college,, that's  the  reason he  did  ask)

Me. sir, vijayawada   has  made a  good  progress,, the  best  example  s  AUTO NAGAR  and  a  few industries  there in the  near  precincts…


Me.. sir  w r  t  education  vijayawada  s  a  good destination…the  primary ,secondary and  the plus  2  education in   vijayawada s  the  best  in Andhra Pradesh. .recently  the  intermediate  pass percentage topper  s  the  Krishna  district… you think there  are  no  problems in  vijayawada ?if  so what  are  they??

Me. .sir, previously  we  use  to have  a local factionalism in vijayawada…hoodlums  are  dominant. .but  right now  the  government has  taken its  every measure to eradicate this..  it so??

Me. .yes sir  about  the  problem of alcohol??

Me.. sir  I don't feel  all the  people  are  alcoholic in vijayawada…its  only  a  little  bit…  it  related to crime…??

Me.. so  far  as  my knowledge  s  concerned  I don't feel  so…  you mean that  all the people in vijayawada  are silent  and  go to their  homes  after  getting alcohol?

Me.. i' m not sure about  it  sir,, but  I can say that  the  alcohol  related crime incidents  are not so rampant in vijayawada…

M1.i  had   found  that  the  unemployment  s  increasing  in  the  Krishna  district ..what s  your  opinion?

Me. sir  I  do  accept  this  thing  and  the  reason  lying before  this  is  the  Krishna  district being  a  delta  and  fertile  area  , the  former  generation  has  been  dependent  on the  agriculture…and  the  recent  generations   are  excessively  focusing  on the  industries  and  the  services  sectors…they are  newly  developing  things  and  may  get  some  time  to  get settled  completely…the  problem of  the  unemployment  can be  attributed  to  the  shift  in the  production  from  agriculture  to  the other  sectors..

M1..why the  government  s  not  pursuing  the  industrialization policy effectively in the  Krishna district?

Me. sir, already the government  has  got  the  enough  obligations  to  develop the  backward regions,,, so far  industrialization has  been at  a  good phase  in the  medak, rangareddy, karimnagar  and  the warangal districts…warangal indeed  got  a  STPI  park…the  government  s  accomplishing  all these  things  progressively,,, in  the  near  future  we  can expect  the  same  thing  here  in the    betterly  developed  Krishna  district,,,  vijayawada  more  developed  than the  vizag?

Me.. sir  comparatively  vijayawada  s  not  so  developed  as  vizag a parliament  committee  has  said  that  the  indo-us nuclear  deal should  be put off,,, what do you think about  it  and  what s  your  stand??

Me.. sir, I do agree with them, ,I don't  want  the  deal to happen  owing  to  the  unacceptable  clauses to be committed by the  Indian government…

M1..why are  you saying  like  that  don't  you want  the  deal to take  place and you do want to go against  the government?

Me. sir I'm not  completely  against  the deal  and definitely not opposing the deal…let  it  be postponed  for  a  while.. and  let  it  be  done once  those  unacceptable  clauses  are  avoided.. explained those  unacceptable clauses of the Hyde  act, including the Iran s  foreign policy issue.. i' ll only advise the government but if the government puts  up with the deal,  as  an  administrator  I does obey  to it.

M1.assume  you  are  selected and you  are  a  policy advisor,, and try to persuade  me why not to accept  the  deal? are selected.. let  u  start  advising…(he  s  commenting right from the  beginning but  I didn't  focused  on his  words  and  started  thinking  how  to substantiate  my  view  over  the  deal)

Me.. sir, I  have  a  few points  for  that..


       First  of  all we  do  have  the  experience  of  the  1974  Tarapur  agreement,, the  same   agreement  that  has  been  made  and has been abruptly  ended,,, leading  to a  lot  of  excessive  economic  burdens  in the  field  of  nuclear energy(all the  board actively  turned out  at  me  at  this  point  of time..)


   Second  more  or  less the  deal  s  most  expensive, rather  than  switching  on that  we  can focus  on other  alternative  methods  of  acquiring the power…like  bio fuels   and  the solar  ,wind power…


  And  third  Hyde  act  provisions  impinges  the  independent  foreign policy and sovereignty of  the  Indian government,,

 Finally  the  deal  may increase  the  nuke  power  contribution from 3% to 6% of  the total power,, ,but  I want more  than that…at  the  less cost.. hence  I do prefer some other alternatives..

M1..sovereignty mean the  political sovereignty(laughs)  and  what  about  the  cultural sovereignty?

Me. sir, I'm not aware  of  these  kinds  of  sovereignties.. but  what  I mean to  say  s that  the independent  nature  of the  foreign policy  will be impinged and our self direction will be thwarted..


    And  about  the  cultural sovereignty I do  feel  that  even though the  globalization s  rampant   ,the  Indian cultural norms  and  ethos  are  not  too  much influenced  by the  foreign  nationals… you do feel that  the  bio fuels  and  the other  means  of  power acquisition are  cheaper…

Me.. sir  ,when compared  to  the  nuke  power  they are  comparatively  cheaper..

M1:what  s  the power  scenario  in the  Krishna  district?

Me: sir  so  far  as  my knowledge  s  concerned  it  s  self  sufficient


Then he  did  direct   his  hand  to the  M2   and  he  does  started  his  bombardment  of the  questions…(the one who did  comment  me for  a  couple  of times..) vamsi  you  are  from  prakasam district.. what  s  this prakasam   district about?

Me. sir  it  was  formed  in  1970 named  after  the  first  chief minister of   the Andhra  State.. he  was  born in vinodarayuni palem in our  district and  the  district  has  been  named  after  him..

M2..but  I  have  heard  that  potti sriramulu has  fought  for the separate  Andhra  Pradesh .why  was n' t  he  made  as  the  chief minister,,,

Me.. sir, he  did  last  for  a short  time  and  moreover  prakasam has  been  an  active freedom fighter, political participant  and  also the  former  municipal chairman of  the  rajamundry…so  the  system thought  of  using  his  intelligence  and  his  administrative  capabilities  effectively  and  did  make  him as  the  CM..  said  that  he  s  a  freedom fighter  and  what  s  he  famous  for?

Me.. sir  he  s  called  as  Andhra kesari,  the  lion of  Andhra.. because  he  actively  turned  against  the English army  ,in the  sense  English police  so  as  to  protest  the  simon   commission  in the  guntur  and  the   ongole areas…he  launched  an active  anti simon movement  and  daringly  confronted  the  police  by tearing  his shirt  and  agitating  against the  English   to shoot  him.. from then he  has  been called  as  the  Andhra kesari..

M2:is poti sriramulu not  a  minister you mean?

Me: yes sir

M2:: let  me know  some  of  the  major  towns  and  areas  in your  district?

M2; but prior  to my answer  he  did  say " is  ongole  an important town in your  district"

Me.. yes  sir  its  the  district head  quarters  of  the  prakasam s  district  have mentioned  that  you are  a  student placement  coordinator.. have n' t  you been placed?

Me.. yes  sir  I  have been placed  in Accenture.. i  have  written the same thing  in my accomplishments  column…

M2 .where  have  you been posted?

Me.. in Hyderabad itself sir

M2:why didn't  you  go for  the  job?

Me: sir  I  do  have  the  great  desire  of  getting into  the  civil  services  and  serve the public  at the best,,,

M2:you  can do the  same  thing  by  being  yourself  as  a  software employee,,,

Me.. yes  sir  I do agree  with  your  statement…but  prior  to that  I  have  to satisfy the  targets  my  higher authorities  that  they do levy for  me  and  be present  for the entire  working  hours.. in the  civil  services,  the  nature  of  the  job    itself provides the  ample  time  and  dedication for  me  to completely  focus  on the  public  activities…hence  I  do prefer  the  civil services  to the  soft ware  mode  of serving  the public…

M2::how  many students  were  there  in your batch of  the engineering  ?

Me:: I  did count on my fingers  and  said  its  a  total of  six branches  in the  engineering  and  each  batch has got  50 students  each,,, then said  it  as  300

M2: how  many  have been placed?

Me:  sir its  ninety percent

M2:how  many have left  the job?

Me: sir i' m not  sure about  all the other branches  student s  but  I can say  about  my   classmates…

M2::let  me know

Me: sir  , 30 people  are with in the  job domain and  11 people  are  pursuing their  MS  course  in the USA  ,2  people  doing their  M Tech  and  3 people  aspiring  for the civil services  like  me….then he  did  pause  me when I'm about  to finish it,, you  do fall into  the  minority group  of  your  class,,,

Me:  sir , its  not  the  majority or  minority that matters  but  its  up to  the  individual perception  of  the  people  to  design  their  career  according  to   their  personal interests,,

M2:you  have said  about  ongole  as  a  famous  town ..what  s  ongole  famous  for?

Me::  sir  its  famous  for  the  ongole  bull…

M2::bull is  it  so?

Me: yes sir  indeed,, he  laughs


Then  he  did  direct  his  hand  to  the  M3  and  this  s  the  most  confusing part  for  my  interview  owing  to the  communication gap that  did  result   by the  M3..


M3:vamsi you  have been stressing upon the  bio fuels, are they so  cheap?

Me: yes  sir  they  can be  grown in the  water scarcity areas.. and more over  we  are  a progressing  economy and  the  burden should  not  be more  for the power  generation..

(when I did  try to stress  the  usage of  this  to the  common man  he  did  pose  me  another  question immediately)

M3:so you  are  against  the  nuke  power  generation of  the  electricity?

Me: definitely  not  sir, but  the  deal should  not  be  made  right  now  owing to the  clauses  as  I  have stated above. .as  both  the  nuclear  power  and  the bio fuels  are newer one  s to  the India  we  can opt  for  the  cheap  and  the  best  source  of  energy.. and moreover  I do strongly  take  those unacceptable clauses  in the  deal ,  which have  to be addressed prior  to the  making  of the deal..

M3:why do you feel so?

Me: sorry sir  I 'm not  able  to get  your  view,,, can u please repeat  the question

M3:you are  saying that  the two  are  newer  one s  ..i don't  feel so..

Me: sorry sir what all I intend  to say is  that  their  contribution is  minimum to the total  power generated,,, hence  when we  are  having  two choices  I do prefer  the less  economy   oriented one and  most capable  one  with out  any further  obligations…and  hence  I do feel that  the  bio fuels  and  the  hydrogen fuels  can be used…let s   go  for  the  deal when  we  can  have the sufficient  wealth .. and  what  s  the  point  of loosing  this  cheapest  means  of  power  generation… fuels  are they grown in India  …if  so  what  are  they?

Me: sir  we  do  have jatropha  and pongamia  cultivation here  in India…

M3..but  don't  you think  that  we  don't  have those  resources available….

Me: may be sir, but  we  can seek the international assistance …which  are  actively focusing  on these  things…example  latin America…

M3:again you  are  going  for  the  international assistance  …

Me: sir ,,my stand  remains clear. .more over  we  didn't  face  many hurdles  to get these  deal of  bio fuels ..but  w r t  the  nuke  deal we  have  lot  of unacceptable  conditions  and  most  of them are politically ramified..(what all I have said  above once again repeated them) hence I  do prefer  this  alternative concepts  to  that..

M3:k  which amongst the following  s  cheaper ?hydro thermal or nuke ?

Me: sir  I really  don't  know… I know  that  the  nuclear power  generation s  the most  costlier,,,

M3:you are  a software engineer  and  have got  a lot  of  talent…why  can you start a  software company  and  achieve a huge success like infosys  narayanamurthi.. probably  you will be  serving the public  by providing  some good employment  opportunities…one  day we can talk about  vamsi ,  like the  narayanamurthy

Me: sir, I do agree that infosys  does  a lot of  public  service…but  prior  to that  I  want to  state  that  Mr. narayanamurthy did  focus on his individual accomplishments…he  didn't  get  himself  to  be  establishing  a  software company right  form the beginning  of  his  young  ages  and  serving the public…he  did  focus on his  individual career.  And then concentrated  much to improve his  establishment  and  finally  focused  on the  public  service.. and  also its  only  relevant to hardware and  software…but  my view  s completely  different   and  I do want to focus  on this  from my young  ages  and get every year  utilized  for the sake  of  public good…and also civil  services  provides  me  a  diversified ways to serve  the public.. not  only  in  a  single  way  but  many  ways  of  serving  the people…

M3:why did  you take  the  computer  science  and engineering  when you do have  the  civil services  with in your  purview,,,??

Me: sir more over  civil services  does  require  a  basic degree to  get  into it.. and my  father  s  view  s  to have  a good  academic record  for  myself and  be  updated  with the contemporary trends…so I did  take  this option of  the CSE  engineering course..

M3:does  your father agrees  with you right now?…

Me: definitely  sir,


Prior  to  these  happenings  in the  middle  of  my  conversation with the  M3  I did  find  the  M4   coming o n  to  his  desk and  being  seated…I  just  made  a  turn at  him so  as  to  justify myself  whether  he  s  the  SEBI   s  former  chairman Mr. Damodaram  or  not…and  does  realize that  its  him and  after   having a  2  second  s  glance  I did turn around  to answer  the  next  question pose d  by the  M3..


Then  soon after  the  M3  s, he  directed  his  hand towards  the  M4    who  s  seated  at  his  place  ,extreme  right to the  chairperson…


M4:you  did  mention the  achievement of police  commemoration day  prizes  in your  achievements,,, what  s  the police  commemoration day about,,,?

Me: sir  it  s  commemorated  on October  21st  particularly those  martyrs  who  does  lay down their  lives  for  the public  cause..

M4:when was  started?

Me: sir , it  s  based on historic  event  in 1959 ,hot spring ,ladakh, where  the CRPF  has laid  their lives  against  the Chinese  aggression  and  from that  day October  21st  it  has  been commemorated….

M4:do you know  about  that  monument  for  the police?

Me: yes  sir, but  right  now  I'm not  able  to remember  when it  was  and  where  it  has  been placed

M4:so far  you are saying  about  the black or  white.. but  don't  you know  about  the  grey in between these two.. what  s  the philosophy that  you did realize..?(then I felt  that  he  heard everything  about  my conversation behind  the curtains)

Me: sir  I understood your  concern  on the deal…I'm not  totally  against  it …I do  want it to postpone  it  for  a  certain time  till the  ambiguity over  the  clauses  are  clarified…

M4:why do you think so ??and  you are  saying  the  deal as  burdensome ?what  s the  burden ,we  have got enough wealth

Me: sir , we  are a  developing  economy still…and  investing  on all the  things  at  a  time…particularly the  expensive  things  may  be cumbersome  for us…

M4:did you hear  about  the  sovereign wealth funds?

Me: yes  sir  I did  hear

M4:let  me know?

Me: sir  I did  hear  but  I'm not  sure  of  the  technicalities  of  it.

M4:how  do you contain the inflation if  you are  a  part  of the  system, in long  term perspective.?

Me: sir  the present  government policies to contain the inflation are  trustworthy.. and  if  we do follow  them we  can tackle  the inflation…(when I'm supposed  to  narrate  the  measure  he  interrupted  and  said)

M4:its  because  of the  government  policies  that  the inflation has  taken place.. so you want to do the  same  thing(he laughs)..

Me: sir, I'm  speaking  about  the post inflation containment  policies…and  as  I said  earlier  we  do  have  to learn from the past  and  design a  good  future..

M4:so you want  the inflation to happen and  then tackle  it  ?

Me: I  had  a  small smile  and  said  definitely  not  sir, as I said  above this  should  be  a  good  experience  to  be  taken into consideration and  get a  good  policy  in the  future  so as  not  to repeat  the mistake  happen…

M4:what  s  meant by  stagflation?

Me: sir  its  the product of  two things.. a  stagnated  economic growth  and  a the  inflation or  where  the  prices  are on rise.. here   the  economic  growth s  hindered  and the prices  will  be on rise…

M4:is there  any stagflation in India  right now?

Me: no  sir  definitely  now.. its  only  inflation…our  growth rate  has been consistent  for  the past  four  years…so  we  can't  have the  chance  of  any stagflation…

M4:do you feel that  all the trucks  that  have  been  coming to the  vijayawada  ensure the enough development  with in the  city for  the  past  years..?

Me: sir  ,it  s  not  the trucks  coming  into the  city, but  the  dominant  automobile spare parts  industry that  has been ensuring  the success.. added with the urban real estate development..

M4:list  out  your  first three priorities  as  a  district  collector?

Me: sir one its  taking  due  care  of  the  vulnerable  sections  and  redressing  their  grievances..

Second  to effectively  implement  the government  policies and  tackle  the corruption..

M4: tackling  corruption  how(he  laughs)?

Me: I can have an effective  ombudsman system in my district  so  as  to  tackle  this

M4:ombudsman(he laughs) ,what  do you mean by this?

Me: I  have said  about  the ombudsman duty of  accepting  the popular discontent  ,their  complaints  and  getting their  grievances redressed..

M4: third?

Me: its rural development

M4:then you are  neglecting  the  health, education , and agriculture…..

Me: sir, rural development  itself  encompasses  the  socio infrastructural development  and  the  holistic  development…

M4:that  s  a good answer to  hear(he laugh s  and every one  laughs )

M4:you have been speaking of  your  father  and  what  does  activities  he  took after?

Me :I  said  about  the land  agitation  s  taken by my  father  in my  home  district  for  the  dalit  causes…

M4:have you  read  any dalit poetry?

Me: yes  sir  I  have  gone through  few verses…

M4:about  whom?

Me :sir  its  about  e v ram swami naicker periyar

M4:what  s  the movement launched by him?

M4: what  is  it all about?

Me :sir  its  self respect movement  ..for  providing social justice  to  the  downtrodden people  and  to  preserve  the dignity of  dalit  life  and  also to eradicate  the concept  of untouchables, ultimately  ensuring the humanity,,,

M4:he  launched one  famous  thing?? what  s  it?

Me: sir I  don't know

M4:its  the  base  for  DMK and  AIADMK

Me: I don't  know  sir

He  the  says  it  as  dravida kazhagam and said  that "I don't  want  to ask anything  relevance  to  your  reason for  the  civil s  and leaving out computer science  as it  is effectively  dealt  by  my peer  s  here"…


And  the turn s  now  to  Ms. Tripathi


Ms: what  does your  father  do?

Me: madam he  s  a  bank cashier  by profession

Ms: which bank?

Me: Indian overseas bank

Ms: what  s  the  NGO  he  work  s  for?

Me: I  said  it  as All  India Dalit  maha sabha


Then she  said thank  you and  you  may  leave. i  just  got   up  and  said  thank you  and followed by my say "nice  to meet  you"

These  are  all the  things  I  remember  at  the  most  in my  interview…if  do get  anything  memorized in the  mean time, I'll get  it  updated…

Finally  I  got  207  marks  in the  interview…


RollNo. :182337
Civil Services(Main) Examination 2007
Essay(Paper III)
General Studies (Paper-IV)
General Studies(Paper-V)
Optional I, Anthropology
Optional II, Public Administration
Penalty Marks
Written Total
Interview Marks
Final Total
Remarks : Recommended.

RANK   490….
Qualified for the Indian Revenue Services (Income Tax Department)

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