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Civil Service Exam Preparation tips by Srujan Nakidi IRS

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Srujan Nakidi IRS

Civil Service Exam Preparation

Civil service Exam preparation is an opportunity to know our surroundings and country in a better way and enhance our knowledge holistically. Even if we don't get into services, we will be an "informed citizen" and can help positively in building our society. We should keep this in mind while preparing and start moulding our personality such that it suits the kind of work we'd do once we get into service. We should try to develop grasping, active thinking, comprehension and decision making skills. Our preparation for civils also helps in cracking other exams like state services, bank jobs, etc.

Tips for overall preparation:

1. Study the complete pattern of exam – from prelims to interview. Go through employment news notification.
2. As General Studies (GS) is common for all, start knowing it more and more. Once you are comfortable with GS, go through optional subjects' syllabus and choose the one-
a. which is most interesting to you. [In case of unsuccessful attempt you may have to read the same again and again]
b. Which can be covered in comprehensive manner.
c. Which can cover some of the GS syllabus.
d. For which guidance/material is available.
e. Based on your strength and weakness [eg. If you like literature and can write reasonably fast, you can take telugu literature]
f. Based on senior's advice, previous rankers scores etc.

3. Now you are get set to go… Plan well, so that you are "reasonably well" prepared at each stage of exam. Plan for complete process- Prima facie consider that you are going to clear every stage of exam and schedule accordingly. Even if you fail at particular stage, it's better to stick to that schedule and undergo the process [eg. try giving mains exam in your room on same day or next day of exam].
For prelims -
Give more stress on neglected areas like General Science esp. Biology, S&T, Environment, economy etc.  Other important areas are geography, economy, polity and freedom struggle.
For mains -
     a. It's better to answer more Q's than to answer some Qs perfectly.
     b. Focus more on optionals while preparing. Syllabus paper and current relevance should guide our preparation.
c. Prepare well for international affairs, S&T.

For interview-
    a. Know everything of your summary sheet: Your place of birth, schooling, dist., state, subjects you've studied, work experience, hobbies, prizes etc.
    b. Show concern for country and people.
    c. Understand surroundings well and appreciate them.
    d. Have some designs for improvement of country, to provide better services etc.
    d. Understand India well - esp. North East and J&K related issues.

Remember –
0 Half-hearted efforts will take us nowhere.
1 Confidence and Hard work matters not our intelligence.
2 Don't try to be perfect in all, which is not practical.
3 Don't try to skip something because you are familiar with it.
4 Don't lose confidence. Self-doubt is our enemy.
5 Go through syllabus and previous question papers. This should set boundary for our preparation.
6. Finally, life is much bigger than exam. We can make our preparation and life fruitful and enjoyable if we realize this. Never be disappointed for not being able to crack the exam. There are many ways of achieving our life goals - be it being happy in our life, serving society, social prestige, or any other. Civil service may provide short cut for these but there are always many routes.

All the best…..


  1. sir,
    thank you for your guidance for youngsters like us.
    i have completed MBBS. its my long dream to be into civil services. but i dont have guidance and dont know whats the right things to do. i am also having many doubts regarding selection of optionals. sir can you please help me!!!!

  2. ir, i have completed my MBBS and am planning to take up civils preperation by joining a good institute from may/june. please help me and guide in making my next 2 months most purposeful and fruitful.should i start studying optional subject for study gk? And which is the best book to have overall brushup in GK?

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  4. thank you for giving tips and tricks for solving Civil Service examination.