Friday, February 15, 2013

Attitude determines our success or failures

From Norman Vincent Peale quotes "Any fact facing us is not as
important as our attitude toward it, for that determines our success
or failure", it is very rightly said that our success or failures
depends on our attitude towards facing any situations/facts rather
than complaining as to why we face such situations/facts.

There are various live examples in front of us which we should never
forget.Our Father of Nation –Lean & Thin Mahatma Gandhi who had faced
the Britishers with strong will power and zealous attitude.He had
never thought that it was not possible for him to oust the Britishers
from Indian subcontinent, but had shown the way to million of Indians
as to how to act together and come forward and cast out the rule of
White rulers for ever.

Then it was the ardent attitude of Swami Vivekananda who with his
welcoming speech – "Dear Brothers & Sisters of America" had succeeded
in changing the mindset of the influential crowds of Chicago that – We
should not judge someones personality by the outfit one wears but what
matter is the attitude what one carries.And that attitude is developed
not in one day but after inheriting deep long knowledge and sharing it
with everyone whoever comes in your life.

We should also not forget that it was because of the audacious
attitude of our freedom Fighter Subhas Chandra Bose, that he had not
stepped behind inspite of so many hardships and had successfully
joined hands with one of the autocrats of those times –Hitler in order
to free our nation from the chains of the white rulers.He alone was
very enough to wipe out the existance of the whites.

Dr B.R Ambedkar who inspite of belonging to a low caste family had
never looked behind and had succedeed to break the age old cruelsome
caste system which have created a gap between the higher caste and the
lower caste.It was indeed due to his strong commitment and keen
attitude that he had never allowed himself to feel week (on account of
his lower caste) and complained the almighty that he was born to lower
caste family.But he tried all day long to empower the weeker ones so
that they all could breathe free along with the upper classes.

We can see from above that now time has come that we should stop
complaining the situations we are facing but we should develop a
strong attitude to deal with it wholeheartedly.And here lies the
problem with our youth of today who dreams a lot but when it comes to
fulfulling those dreams they either take a back seat from taking
challenges or they starts complaining that why he/she has to face such
situations.They always feel that everything is acheivable by just a
single click of a mouse.

The difference between us and those acheivers is only the difference
in attitude.When it comes to performing our actions we develop a
lethargic attitude and in this way we can never be Vivekananda or

We can see that If Dhirubhai Ambani has developed a negative attitude
that he belongs to a very poor family so nothing is acheivable for him
then we today should not have counted Dhirubai Empire as one of the
Top billionaires of the world

If Steve Jobs after being fired from his company has stayed back in
his home complaining his fate then his creation- Apple has not been
able to make its presence in every populace's life.

If Sunita Williams has been afraid of flying, and develop a restrained
attitude then she and her team members may have neither achieved this

So only achieving MBA degree will not help you to achieve success in
this competitive era, but a right attitude to develop one further, to
update one's knowledge with newer facts, to be always prepared for any
new facts/situations and adjusting accordingly rather than sitting
idle and watching what others are doing will enable one to achieve
success at a faster rate and in right time.

By: Prof Chandrima Das

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