Saturday, October 13, 2012

Telugu - 2nd best alphabet in the world

Hangeul has won the gold medal at the World Alphabet Olympics. The World Alphabet Association reported on Tuesday that hangeul, the Korean alphabet, placed first in the second World Alphabet Olympics held in Bangkok, Thailand from October 1st through 4th. South India's Telugu and the English alphabet came in second and third, respectively.

World Alphabet Olympics

The World Alphabet Olympics is an event that selects the most distinguished alphabet among all the writing systems created or modified in the world. In October 2009, sixteen nations with their own original alphabets gathered to evaluate which set of letters was the most outstanding. It was the world's first competition to discern which alphabet was the best. It is organized by scholars from the private sector, as fairness can be compromised when governments are involved. This year's Olympics was attended by twenty-seven countries, including Germany, Spain, Portugal, Greece, and India, that have their own writing system or characters derived from other alphabets. Representatives from the participating nations were given thirty minutes each to present what makes their alphabets superior, and their presentations were evaluated by the judges from six countries – the U.S., India, Sudan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Portugal. The alphabets were judged on the characters' origin, structure and type, the number of letters, ability to express sounds by combining the characters, independence, and application and growth potentials.

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