Friday, September 16, 2011

RBI releases Handbook of Statistics on the Indian Economy 2010-11

The Reserve Bank of India today released the thirteenth volume of its annual statistical publication titled Handbook of Statistics on the Indian Economy (HBS) 2010-11. One of the major initiatives of the Reserve Bank; this publication is aimed at improving data dissemination to public. Through this publication, the Reserve Bank has been providing time series data on various economic and financial indicators for the Indian economy.

The current volume contains 242 statistical tables covering national income aggregates, output, prices, money, banking, financial markets, public finances, foreign trade and balance of payments and select socio-economic indicators.

Electronic form of the Handbook can also be accessed through (URL "Data Base on Indian Economy (DBIE): Reserve Bank's Data Warehouse." The data series in the DBIE are continuously updated without waiting for the release of the annual print version.

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