Saturday, September 17, 2011

Books for Civil Service prelims

General : NCERT text books - 7 to 10 (other than languages)
History- Old NCERTof XI & XII+ Bipinchandra+ culture by spectrum

Geography- NCERT of XI & XII + Goh Cheng Leong

Economics- Prtiyogita Darpan, India year book, economic survey

economics foundation from any institution notes and economic dictionary for terminology - (tables from economic survey - not necessary to concetrate on numericals)
Indian Polity- D.D Basu or Lakshmikanth
Local government in India - 73 rd and 74 amendment acts and analysis from politics (oxford publications)

Science_NCERT of X or ICSE biology book

Environment- ICSE books on Environment

For Paper II the Pearsons manual is very simple and easy to work out+ reading of newspaper for answering questions on reading comprehension. please visit our blog for paper 2