Friday, September 19, 2014

NDA making UPSC, SSC irrelevant?

— By FPJ BureauSeptember 18, 2014 12:11 am

New Delhi : After PM’s public declaration to wind up the Planning Commission in his Independence Day address, the Modi government is now quietly trying to make irrelevant the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) and the Staff Selection Commission (SSC) for filling up vacancies in the government offices.

The job performed over the decades by the two recruitment agencies for the government is sought to be outsourced to the private agencies.

The Cabinet Secretariat has just taken the first step, inviting recruiting agencies and companies to undertake recruitment of its personnel in various poss, both technical and non-technical.

All central ministries and departments come under the Cabinet Secretariat and as such they are bound to take the clue to follow suit. Instead of notifying the UPSC and the SSC on their vacancies and urging them to select candidates for various posts, the ministries may start engaging the private agencies for their recruitment, leaving no work to do by UPSC and SSC..

The UPSC is a constitutional body for recruitment of the all-India services, Group “A” central civil services and Group “B” gazetted posts as also the commissioned officers in the defence forces.

It conducts over a dozen examinations for the purpose. The SSC, set up through a government resolution, does the same job in recruitment of non-technical group ”C” and group ”B” non gazetted posts.

The Cabinet Secretariat has, however, invited private recruiting agencies and companies to take over these responsibilities.

A public notice was issued on Wednesday by its director Basant Swarup.

The selected agency has to entertain applications for the posts on the basis of the eligibility criteria fixed by the Cabinet Secretariat, scrutinise them, prepare their database and conduct the preliminary and final examinations and set the question papers as well as evaluate the answer sheets.

The notice says the agency will have to conduct the examination in the major cities, including cities in the Northeast. It says the bidder should have the capability and resources to undertake scrutiny of applicants and preparation of Database.

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  1. Sir, could you please throw some light on the profiles of the central government Group B jobs recruited by the SSC. Recently Tier II of CGL was conducted. We are required to fill the preferences for posts during the Personality test, which might be conducted during November.
    It will also help the students appearing for the SSC 2014.

  2. please send a mail attaching the copy of SSC form to

    1. Thank you sir........ I send you an email. Please check it.

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  3. Sir the SSC placed today,on its website, the format for preference of posts.
    The interviews are from January 5th at regional offices.
    Sir you please throw light on the profiles of the jobs,especially the interview posts(codes from A to S).
    Here I am providing the link of the format pdf file.

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    Thankyou sir.

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