Monday, March 31, 2014

Interview guidance by ITCSA -videos

ITCSA has organised a session for civil service interview aspirants, who have qualified in Civil service Mains exam-2013. Smt. Balalatha IDAS,Shri.Ake Ravikrishna IPS,Shri.Balaram IRS, Shri. Nikhil IRPS and other Members of ITCSA have spared their time on Sunday(23-March-2014) to guide the aspirants. Please find the links to youtube videos.

Venue : 1st Floor,City Central Library, Chikkadapalli, Hyderabad
Time   :  Sunday(23-March-2014) @ 4 PM


  1. Sir, i have received a mail fron mr.imran farid, under secretary, upsc, stating that i have to send 6 signed copies of attestation forms to dept of personnel and training but upsc said nothin about it. All it said was to carry along all the required documents ( originals) to the PT. Kindly clarify

  2. Also would liketo kno if there are any more mocks to be scheduled... Kindly reply at the earlist.

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  5. Sarika garu,

    you can make a call to upsc helpline and request for clarification on far we have not heard about this from any aspirant..all the best