Friday, September 21, 2012 a very useful source for all consumers

This website is the first of it's kind and is an easily accessible source of information on various drugs available in India including their prices. The service being provided is absolutely free of charge to all it's consumers.

Medguide.India was launched in 2007 to serve the consumers for an easy access to accurate information on wide range of medicinal formulations and their prices at the click of mouse.

It has been a trusted source of information pertaining to: 
1. Drugs being manufactured and/or marketed in India.
2. Directory of pharmaceutical organizations in the country.
3. Composition of brands and comparative prices of various brands of same composition 

There are several thousand drugs manufacturers in the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry, who introduce new or modified products in the market at a rapid rate. 
Our website: 

1 Organizes and disseminates all this data to all it's consumers free of charge.
2. Acts as a ready source of updated information for the medical professionals who find it tough
to keep updated on all advances and developments in the drug industry. 
3. Comparative prices of various brands of a particular composition helps the consumers in getting a quality medicine at a cheaper rate. 

Target Users: 
This website has been designed keeping in mind that a non computer savvy end user has an easy access to information on generic drugs amongst plethora of brands.
The website has been planned in a way so that it serves as a reliable source of information to all concerned viz medical professionals, pharmacists, medical institutions, manufacturers in addition to consumers. 

Global Mission: 
Our website aims to assist the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry to develop their identity in the global market, especially the South-Asian. It also helps the industry to diversify from selling bulk formulations to branded medicines. By marketing the drugs under the Indian Brand Names into foreign market, the industry will reap full benefit of its comparative cost advantage.

Additional Features: 
The website has been updated to meet the increasing demands of the society about various issues pertaining to medical services:

1 Indications and contraindication of drugs;
2.List of banned drugs as notified by government of India;
3. Import of drugs for personal use
4. Recently Launched brands
5. List of essential drugs as per notification of government of India notification(2003).
6. Classified group

a. National immunization schedule;
b. Additional immunization after consultation with a doctor;
c. Immunization under special circumstances;
d. List of vaccines available in the Indian market:

Health Insurance:
1. Types of health insurance offered
2. Names of companies with their respective plans
3. Precautions to be taken while opting for a health insurance plan
4. What is third party administration.
5. How to make a hassle free claim.
6. ROAD MAP –How to approach various Disputes Redressal Courts, once the claim in rejected.
7. Judgments by various courts which might be useful for approaching various courts

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