Thursday, August 23, 2012

Durfar Conflict & South Sudan Independence

Mrunal's New article on UPSC: "[Diplomacy] Durfar Conflict & South Sudan Independence: Timeline, Players, Similarities and differences" plus 3 more

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Donot confuse or mixup between Durfar and South Sudan. These are two separate conflicts with separate climaxes.
  1. What is Sudan?
  2. Background: Durfur and South Sudan
  3. Reasons for Conflict
  4. Players in Durfur conflict
  5. Players in South Sudan Independence Struggle
  6. Arrest Warrent against Omar Al Bashir
  7. Climax
  8. North Vs South Sudan
  9. India's response


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What is Senkaku/Diaoyu islands:

Eight uninhabited islands and rocks in question lie in the East China Sea. They have a total area of about 7 sq km and lie northeast of Taiwan These group of islands are known as the Senkaku islands in Japan and the Diaoyu islands in China. Both

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  1. Member States
  2. Should India become a full time member of SCO?
  3. Arguments against joining SCO
  4. Arguments in favor of joining SCO

Introduction: What is SCO?

Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) Intergovernmental organization, consisting of certain of Central  Asian countries. Founded in 2001 in Shanghai.

What does SCO do?

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This is a Guest article by Manikandan Soundararajan
  1. What is Cloud Computing?
  2. Definition of Cloud Computing
  3. Pros and Cons of Cloud Computing

What is Cloud Computing?

Situation 1

I am looking for a house. My first constraint, being a middle class man, obviously is money. The House owner here is ready to

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