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Civil service prelims paper-1 Key from La ex

                                                                                              SET B  key


                Question                                                Answer


1.Undser which of the following                        (b)                          28. National Biodiversity authority                   (d)

                                                                        suppy in economy                                (c )                         29. The National Green                                       (a)          


3.Foreign Direct investment                              (d )                          30. National water mission                 (b)


4.Price of any currency                                      (a)                           31. Directive principles of state policy            (d)                          


5. basic aim of lead bank                                     (c )                         32. Union territories                                           (d)


6. Assessment of land revenue                         (d )                          33. Consumers Rights                                          (c)


7.reference to the guilds                                   (c )                          34. Lok sabha speaker                                        (b)


8.the distribution of powers                              (c )                          35. Jurisdiction of Supreme court                    ( c)


9. despite having large                                        (b)                           36. Employed as bio pesticides                         (d)


10. A person stood alone                                   (c )                          37. Biomass gasification                                      (a)


11. recently there has been                              (c )                          38. Role of Ultraviolet radiation                        (a)


12. protected areas                                             ( b)                          39. Graphene is frequently                                (c)


13. Duration of Monsoon                                   (c )                          40. Lead, ingested or inhaled                            (d)


14. tropical savannah  region                            ( d)                          41. Reference to stem cells                               (b)


15. Use the biomass                                            (d)                           42. Chlorofluroxcarbons                                    (d)          


16. Kinds of Organisms                                       (d)                           43. Team of scientists                                          (d)


17. Endangered Species                                     (a)                           44. Expansion of Unvierse                                  (c)


18. Phenomenon of Capillarity                          (d)                           45. Electrically charged  particles                     (a)


19. Millennium     Ecosystem                             (c)                           46. Progress of ancient India                             (c)


20. antelopes Oryx and chiru                            (a)                           47.History of ancient India                                 (b)


21. Biodiversity  of geographical area              (a)                           48. Parts of inclusive Governanace                  (d )


22. naturally found in India                                (d)                           49. The Nagara,the dravida                                (c)


23. Agricultural practices                                   (c)                           50. The Congress ministries                               (d)


24. would happen  Phytoplankton                    (d)                           51.National Rural Health Mission                      (a)


25. vultures which used to be                           (b)                           52. Governement of India act,1919                 (c)


26. areas covered under the Panchayat         (d)                           53.Indian Freedom Struggle                              (a)


27. In the Parliament of India                            (a)                           54. Parties were established                             (b)



55. Rajya Sabha by Constitution of India          (b)                           84.Fundamental duties of Citizens                    (c)


56. National Rural Livelihood Mission              (b)                           85.Provision to safeguard                                  (a)


57.Multi dimensional poverty Index                (a)                           86.To meet its rapidly                                         (c)


58. Thirteenth Finance commission                 (a)                           87.The increasing amount of                             (d)


59.recent policy initiative                                  (d)                           88.Origin of life on Earth                                    (b)


60. methods of Parliamentary control             (a)                           89.Introduction of BT  brinjal in India               (c)


61. Mahatma Gandhi                                           (c)                           90.Other than resistance to pests                    (c)


62. reference to Ryotwari Settlement             (c)                           91.Most effective contribution                         (a)


63. association with economic development   (c)                         92.With reference to Dhrupad                         (a)


64. In India,in the Overall Index                        (c)                           93.Kuchipudi and Bharatanatyam                     (d)


65. bearing on Education                                   (c)                           94. Religious history of Modern India              (c)


66.cultivation of "sea buckthoen;                     (d)                           95.The Rowlatt Act                                              (b)


67. Mixed farmig                                                  (c)                           96.Lahore session                                                (a)


68.A particular state of India                             (b)                           97.Lrod Buddha's image                                     (b)


69. Crops of India                                                 (d)                           98.Religion of early vedic Aryans                     (c)


70. Influence the Ocean currents                    (b)                           99.regarding Brahmo  samaj                              (b)


71.Wetlands of India,                                                                          100.Reserve  bank of India                                                (d)


72. Predominantly rainefed crop/crops          (d)


73. you travel to Himalayas                                (b)


74.Normally,the temperature decreases        (a)


75.Acidification of oceans                                  (d)


76.In India,other than ensuring                         (c)


77.Endeavour of Janani Suraksha                     (a)


78.Prime Minister of India                                 (a)


79.Delimitation commission                               (c)


80.Hotels and restaurants                                  (d)


81.According to Constitution                             (c)


82.A deadlock between                                     (a)


83.District Rural Development                          (d)

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