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25% admissions to the children belonging to disadvantaged groups- RTE Act

Providing 25% admissions to the children belonging to disadvantaged groups and weaker sections in private
unaided schools in the state as per RTE Act

Government  have  constituted  a  Committee  to  finalize  the  modalities  for  admission  of  25%
children  belonging  to  weaker  sections  and  disadvantaged  groups  in  private  unaided  schools  as
per  RTE  Act  and  in  pursuant  to  the  judgment  of  Hon'ble  Supreme  Court  of  India.    As  part  of
finalization of modalities, the Committee would like to obtain opinions / suggestions from stake
holders and general public on the following issues. 

1.  While the R.T.E Act puts the onus on all private un-aided schools to admit
in Class-I to the extent of at least 25% of the strength of the class children
belonging  to  the  weaker  sections  and  disadvantaged groups  in  the
neighborhood, whether, having regard to the reimbursement provision,
there should be any identification of private un-aided schools for this
purpose keeping in view the norms and standards as per the R.T.E Act.

2.  In  relation  to  the  above,  whether  there  should  be  regulation  of  the
admissions under this category by the Government.
3.  How to decided neighbourhood in urban areas/cities.
4.  Suggestions on the admission procedure.
5.  Whether  to  give  any  specific  instructions  to  the  schools?  If  yes,  give
6.  Procedure for deciding the residency of children.
7.  Monitoring mechanism required   
8.  Other suggestions if any
Suggestions may be sent to the Commissioner and Director of School Education through
E-mail ( by 20th May 2012.

Background Note on Admission of 25% of children in private schools
The Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act 2009 has
come into force from 1st April 2010.  As per clause (c) of sub section (1) of
section 12 of the Act, all private un-aided schools shall fillup atleast 25% of
the  seats  in  1st  class  with  the  children  belonging  to  weaker  section  and
disadvantaged group in the neighbourhood and provide free and compulsory
elementary  education  till  its  completion.  The  State  Government  shall
reimburse  the  expenditure  to  private  schools  to  the  extent  of  per  child
expenditure incurred by the state or the actual amount charged from the
child whichever is less.  

The Supreme Court of India has given verdict on 12.04.2012 that all the
private schools shall provide Free and Compulsory Education to atleast 25%
of children belonging to backward and weaker sections in the case filed by
some private institutions of Rajasthan state.  As per the said judgment of the
Hon'ble  Supreme  Court  the  Right  of  Children  to  Free and  Compulsory
Education  Act,  2009  constitutionally  valid  and  apply.

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