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Civil Services Examination-2012

Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination(Notice Number 04/2012-CSP) Notice Date : 11-02-2012 Closing Date:05-03-2012

  • Date of Notification:-- 4th February, 2012
  • Last Date for Applying:-- 5th March, 2012
  • Date of Civil Services Preliminary Test, 2012:-- 20th May 2012; 1 Day
  • Date of Civil Services Mains Test, 2012:-- From 5th October 2012; 21 Days
  • Number of vacancies : 1037 (this could be revised)

1. An applicant who fulfills the eligibility criteria prescribed in the Civil Services 2012 notification (i.e. the detailed information published in the 'Employment News' or available on website of that particular examination can apply online.

2. Applicant is required to first complete the part-I of the application and thereafter complete the part-II of the application.

3. There are three options for the payment of fee-Pay
i) by Cash in any branch of State Bank of India,
ii) Pay by credit/debit Card and
iii) Pay by Net Banking facility of SBI.

4. An applicant who wants to pay the fee by cash should take a print of the PAY-IN SLIP by clicking on the option "Print Bank Pay-in-Slip". Making use of this pay-in-slip, an applicant can deposit the fee in cash at any branch of the State Bank of India. The bank will not accept any other challan/form for the payment of fee by cash. After depositing the fee by this pay-in-slip, the bank will provide a "TRANSACTION ID". An applicant will again have to log in and start submission of the part-II of the online application.

5. All the applicants who are exempted from payment of fee on account of being a Female/PH/SC/ST candidate can straightaway proceed to the part-II of the application.

6. Once an applicant has successfully submitted the part-I and part-II of the application through online, the same gets registered with the Commission and the applicant is not required to send a hard copy of the print out of his/her application to the Commission's office. However, it is strongly advised that the applicant keeps a hard copy of his /her application for his/her own record and future communication with the commission, if any



Applicants are requested to note that before filling the online application they may have a careful look on the common reasons where an applicants online application is rejected by the Commission. Applicants are therefore advised to be careful enough so that chances of their applications being rejected by the Commission are minimized to the best possible extent and their effort is not lost due to the reasons which can be avoided by them if they remain slightly more careful while submitting their application to the Commission. The Experience of Commission (UPSC) shows that major rejection happens due the following reasons. 

(a)           Application being rejected on the grounds of bad quality of submitted photograph.Sample1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 

(b)           Application being rejected on the grounds of bad quality of submitted signature. Sample 1 2 3 4 

(c)            Application being rejected on the grounds of swapping of photograph with that of signature. Sample 1 

(d)           Application rejected due to submission of photograph only, i.e no signature submittedor photograph submitted at the place of signature as well. Sample 1 

(e)            Application rejected due to submission of signature only, i.e no photograph submitted or signature submitted at the place of photograph as well. Sample 1 

(f)             Only PART-I of the application is submitted to the Commission and thus their application is incomplete because of non-submission of PART-II. Sample 1 

(g)           Applicant submitted multiple applications, however fee deposited (TID** )against a particular application (RID*) is mentioned for other application having different RID. Sample 1 2 3  

(h)           Applicant submitted PART-I and paid fee as well, but did/could not complete PART-II i.e. failed to submit photograph and signature. Sample1 

(i)             Application being rejected on the grounds of non submission of payment proof to the Commission within specified time in case of fictitious payment ***cases (which are intimated to the applicant through e-mail as well as published on the website of the Commission within 2 weeks after the last date of receipt of online application)

* RID is Registration ID, which is generated by the system when the application completes PART-I registration of his application.

** TID is Transaction ID, which is given by Bank official when the applications deposits his/her fee through cash mode and it is automatically generated when Internet Banking or credit/debit card mode is used for making the fee payment.

***Fictitious payment cases are those cases for which the Commission does not receive any information from the bank authorities to which the applicant has claimed to have deposited his/her fees. 

Candidate may click here to down exhaustive samples of rejected applications (.pdf)in .ZIP Format

For the sake of guidance to the applicants, one sample application form, complete in all respects has been provided here, please click here to download

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