Friday, July 22, 2011

Tips For Gaining Self Confidence

Each of us has felt the surge of well-being that comes from self-confidence. Some of us have it in greater quantity than others, while some are sadly lacking in this useful, energizing quality. Self-confidence is all about being able trust yourself, knowing that you are strong and capable of handling a particular situation well. This characteristic is linked to one's self-esteem, which is how much one values oneself.

It is self-confidence that is responsible for a large part of success in work and in relationships. Self-confidence leads to achievement and development, and lets you exploit your own potential. Do you feel you could use a bit more of it in your daily life? Explore these tips for gaining self confidence.

First, work on your self-esteem. Do you like yourself? Do you appreciate the things you can do? When you accept, approve of and love the way you are, you have laid the foundation for self-confidence. Berating yourself for failure does you no good, accept your faults and try to correct them without excessive self-blame and guilt.

Keep a positive outlook, focusing on what you do, and have done well. Identify and remember your successes and work with your strengths. You'll find such an attitude does wonders for your faith in yourself. When you're feeling down, make a list of your good qualities – you'll be surprised how nice this makes you feel, and how much it adds to your self-confidence. Always think and speak in a positive way.

Learn how to become more confident from confident people. Imitate their ways of thinking and behavior. Be lively and eager in everything you undertake, and put your heart and soul into things.

One pleasant theory about how to become more confident is known as the "facial feedback theory" which says that the expressions on your face, such as a smile or a frown, can urge your brain towards feeling the emotions represented by these expressions. So smile – at others and yourself!

Dress well. Good clothes give a person heaps of confidence. Knowing that you are perfectly attired and smartly turned out will give you the confidence to sail through the most awkward situations.

Exercise is a great way not only to stay healthy, but to heighten your self-confidence with increased adrenaline in the body. Go for a jog and watch that added spring and bounce in your confident stride…

Avoid negative emotions like envy, jealousy or self-pity. Look for your own path, and don't concern yourself with what others have or are doing.

Make and keep friends who are optimistic by nature, and look at things from the bright side. Try to avoid people who are excessively critical and are constantly putting down those around them.

Set realistic goals and work towards them systematically. Look at failure as a stepping stone to success, and urge yourself on even when things look bleak.

So if you suffer from lack of confidence, don't despair! There are many ways to become more sure of yourself – just try out all these tips for gaining self confidence.

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