Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Motivate yourself

The key points of motivate yourself : -


1.      Think positive – Whenever you are doing some work, don't  think negative, just think positive in all circumstances.

2.      Enthusiasm – Every work you do, do with enthusiasm. It will increase your output and it will save your time also. Just try.

3.      Commit with yourself - Starting today commit to giving your supreme  best to every task which comes your way. Rather than seeing things as a burden or menial tasks remind yourself that each is preparing you for the eventual larger opportunities which lay in store for you.

4.      Think that world is yours if- Prove you can work through the smaller things that are asked of you and before you know it, you'll attract greater opportunity, along with the greater life rewards that come with being able to work through them.

5.      Opportunity – Never miss an opportunity like don't think "aaj ka kaam kal kar lenge". In this way, other will catch your goal.

6.      Live in today – Don't think about future. "Kal kabhi nahi aata". So hai wo aaj hai. "Aaj nahi tho kabhi nahi".

7.      Success – Don't be afraid from difficulties just fight with it and definitely you will success one day.

8.      Never be late – Manage yourself. Respect for time. If late time will defeat you.

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