Tuesday, April 12, 2011

How NPS Permanent Pension Account Number (PPAN) is allotted?

  • Immediately on joining Govt. service, the Govt. servant will be required to provide particulars such as his name, designation, scale of pay, date of birth, nominee(s) for the fund, relationship of the nominee etc. in the prescribed form (Annexure I).  
  • The DDO concerned will be responsible for obtaining this information from all Govt. servants covered under the New Pension Scheme.
  • The PAO concerned will allot a unique 16 digit Permanent Pension Account Number (PPAN).  The first four digits of this number will indicate the calendar year of joining Govt. service, the next digit indicates whether it is a Civil or a Non-civil Ministry, the next six digits would represent the PAO Code (which is used for the purpose of compiling monthly accounts), the last five digits will be the running serial number of the individual govt. servant which will be allotted by the PAO concerned. 
  • PAO will allot the serial number pertaining to individual Govt. servants from 00001 running from January to December of a calendar year.  A register will be maintained for allotment of PPAN to ensure that PPAN are allotted in sequence and there is no duplication of PPAN.
  • Permanent Pension Account Number will be of 16 digits.
  • For the flow of information from Non Civil Ministries/Departments to the CPAO, each of them will nominate a Nodal Office, which will be responsible for forwarding the consolidated information/particulars in respect of their Ministry/Departments and for correspondence with CPAO.
  • The particulars of the Govt. servants received from the various DDOs will be consolidated by the Nodal Office identified in each Ministry/Department/Office and sent to the CPAO.  The CPAO will keep this information in their computer database.
  • Tier1 amount equal to 10% of the (pay in pay band + Grade pay + DA) will be deducted from the pay Bill and a matching contribution will also be credited to the individual's credit.
  • Separate pay bill should be prepared for the individuals who are covered under this scheme.
  • At the end of each financial year the CPAO will prepare annual accounts statements for each employee showing opening balance, details of monthly deduction and Govt.'s matching contribution, interest earned, if any, and the closing balance.  CPAO will send these statements to Nodal Office concerned.
  • After the close of each financial year, CPAO will have to report the details of the balances (PAO-wise) to each PAO for the purpose of reconciliation.   The PAO will reconcile the figures of contributions with figures as per the books of CPAO.
  • Recoveries/contributions payable by the Govt. servant under the Scheme (Tier I) will start from the salary of the month following the month in which the Govt. servant has joined service.  Therefore, no recovery shall be effected for the month of joining.
  • Contribution by Govt. servant under Tier I is mandatory.
  • Equal matching contribution will be made by Govt.
  • No deduction will be made towards GPF contribution from the Govt. servants joining service on or after 1.1.2004 as GPF scheme is not applicable to them.

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