Thursday, February 3, 2011

Registration for OCC_RTI is Open

Module I:- Introduction to Right to Information.

Chapter 1: Evolution of Freedom of / Right to Information.
Chapter 2: Genesis of the "Right to Information Act, 2005" in India.
Chapter 3: Preamble and Key concepts of "RTI Act, 2005".
 3.1 Can file notings be disclosed ?
 3.2 Is an opinion - information ?
 3.3 Can opinions be asked ?
 3.4 Should contract documents be disclosed ?
 3.5 Which NGO is a PA ?

Module II:- Roles and Responsibilities of Key Actors.

Chapter 4: Appropriate Governments and Competent Authorities.
Chapter 5: Public Authorities, Public Information Officers, Assistant Public Information Officers and First Appellate Authorities.
 5.1 Obligations of PAs...
 5.2 Can an APIO sign a response letter ?
 5.3 Request for videography of inspection of works..
 5.4 Requester not understanding records... asking for further assistance...
Chapter 6: Information Commissions.

Module III:- Process of Seeking Information.

Chapter 7: Application Process.
 7.1 Should applications be typewritten ?
 7.2 Can an office bearer request for information ?
 7.3 Can contents of Annual Confidential Reports be provided ?
 7.4 Can transfer guidelines about an employee be provided ?
 7.5 Can annual property returns of an employee be provided ?
 7.6 Can traveling expenses of an employee be provided ?
 7.7 Can LTC disbursal for an employee be provided ?
 7.8 Can Income Tax returns of an assessee be disclosed ?
 7.9 A certified document requested is found to be unsigned...
 7.10 Electronic file requested found to be deleted...
 7.11 Imposition of penalty...
 7.12 Information asked pertaining to many third parties...
 7.13 Is there a need to consult a third party is information is exempted anyway ?
 7.14 Officer whose assistance is being sought being treated as a PIO...
 7.15 Reasons for rejection of an application...burden of proof on the PIO...
 7.16 What if request is not understood and more clarity is needed ?
Chapter 8: Appeal Process.
 8.1 Can a PIO decide a first appeal ?
 8.2 Can the head of a PA appeal against the PIO's decision to disclose information ?
 8.3 CIC's decisions pertaining to first appeal...
 8.4 What if first appeal is not disposed within the time limit ?
Chapter 9: Complaint Process.

Module IV:- Exemptions and Other Miscellaneous Provisions.

Chapter 10: Exempted Information.
 10.1 To decide whether information pertains to life or liberty ...
 10.2 Disclosing information endangering life or physical safety ?
 10.3 Information about life and liberty...
 10.4 Sensitive information - exempted...
 10.5 What CIC says about 20 years' exemption ?
 10.6 Destruction of records as per standard norms...
 10.7 Third party-related trade or commercial secrets exempted...
 10.8 What is personal information ?
Chapter 11: Exempted Organisations.
Chapter 12: Other Miscellaneous Provisions.

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