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Ethics model papers for CSE mains-2014

 Ethics model paper- I

1)What do you understand by the following in context of public service   7 *5=35                                                                                                   

a.Character competence



d.Ethical congruence

e.Moral Nihilism

f.Admonition and Reprimand

 g.Intellectual integrity

 Questions from(2-12) should be answered in about 150 words.10M each

2)Objectivity Versus Morality. 

3)According to you what is the conduct unbecoming of a civil servant?

4)How far the laws,rules and regulations can be the sources of ethical guidance.                    

5)India is a nation of tolerance.But the emergence of materialistic relations are making us intolerant.How to revive the tolerance.      

6)Today most of the youth opt for public employment because of the authority and security it provides.This attitude needs to be changed.Service should be their motive,public office is not the seat of authority but  of responsibility and accountability. Explain Measures to be taken to inculcate above characteristics.

7)Attitude is essentially gained and rarely inherited.Comment 

8)Ethical values included in our attitude towards environment.

9)Plato’s views on ethical state

10)Application of emotional intelligence in administration.

 11)Man is a product of his circumstances.Comment

 12)What do you learn from the life of German dictator “Hitler”

13)Given below are quotations of three great moral thinkers/philosophers.For each of these quotations ,bring out what it means to you in present context.(150 words)  15 marks each.

a) What is needed, rather than running away or controlling or suppressing or any other resistance, is understanding fear; that means, watch it, learn about it, come directly into contact with it. We are to learn about fear, not how to escape from it.
                                                                                                   Jiddu Krishnamurti.



b) A hero is born among a hundred, a wise man is found among a thousand, but an accomplished one might not be found even among a hundred thousand men.

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.

                                                                                  Section -B

In the following questions carefully study the cases presented and answer the questions that follow.

14) You are the  head in a office. One of your subordinates who is a very straight forward and upright  is  always  indulged in disput es with other officers .Infact his straight forwardness is the culprit which pulls him in conflict  with other officers.Almost everyday one or the other keep complaining about him to you.

      What do you do.?                                                                                                                          15M

a)warn him of his attitude.

b)Request him to stop commenting on other.

c)Tell the complainee that it is his personal character and you cannot do anything.

Assess the above options and suggest best measure.         

15)You  are of a District Educational Officer. You go on inspection  to a school.     15M

How do you confirm yourself about

a)Attendance of teachers.

b)Syllabus being completed

c)Quality of food supplied to them under midday meal scheme.

16)You are  SP of a district. A person has written a complaint to you  about the landlord who almost excercising real power  in the village.  He is threatening everyone and literally his words have become judicial orders and when you go for enquiry  no one  actually dared to go  against him and complaint about his misdeeds.But  the person who wrote to you earlier kept on wrinting to you.

How do you deal with situation

a)Leave it as there is no evidence.

b)Take the landlord  under custody and interrogate him

c)Threaten him not to further harass people

Assess the above options and suggest best measure                                                            15M

17) You are a Income Tax Commissioner. One of your close assosciates has approached you to interpret a law in his favour. Interpretaion is non questionable and your dicretion .And infact he has helped you during y our  schooling and  childhood days as you hailed from poor background.Explain your response with clear  convincing arguments.                                                           15M

 Ethics model paper- II

1) What do you understand by the following in context of public service  

                                                                                                         7 *5=35

a)Moral turpitude


c)Non partisanship/partisanship

d)Crisis of Conscience


f)Categorical imperative

g)Ignorance of law is no excuse.

Questions from(2-12) should be answered in about 150 words.10M each

2)Define ethics.What are the important characteristic features of ethics. 

3)Critically examine various dimensions of ethical values in Ancient Indian philosophy

4)” Justice is all about evidences and rules sans moral or ethics”.    

     Critically Examine?                  

5)Role played by religion in imbibing ethical values in humanity.      

6)What is emotional intelligence.How to develop emotional intelligence in day-to-day practice?

7)What makes Swamy Vivekananda different from other ethical thinkers. 

8)Suggest five important ethical values that a civil servant should possess and substantiate them.

9) How do attitudes form? What are challenges associated with attitude change ?

10)”If all mankind minus one were of one opinion,manknind would be no more  justified in silencing that one person than he,if he had the power,would be justified in silencing mankind”.Comment

 11)Explain the steps to be followed in effective and ethical utilisation of public funds in India

 12)Law is not an end itself ,it’s end lies in Justice.In this context how laws are in consonance with ethical values

13)Given below are quotations of three great moral thinkers/philosophers.For each of these quotations ,bring out what it means to you in present context.(150 words)  15 marks each.

a)” The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy”. Martin Luther King, Jr.

b)” Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will”. Mahatma Gandhi

c)” If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one”. Mother Teresa


                                                            Section -B

In the following questions carefully study the cases presented and answer the questions that follow.

14)Suppose you are the collector of Hyderabad.During the procession of immersion of Ganesh idol which is passing through other community,a conflict erupted. 20M

a)What are the short and long term measures taken by you to prevent any such further conflict.

15) Suppose you are head of a particular Government office.A women in your office  has been accusing everybody either  under harassment of women at work place.Knowing this you tried to warn her and she threatened even you.


Some of the options available to you are given below:

a)Expel her from the office

b)Team up with your subordinates to create anti circumstances to her

c)Send a detailed report on her conduct to concerned Department or Ministry

Analysing the above options suggest a best measure  

16)You are a food inspector and you went to  a famous restaurant in your area with your family for dinner.

You found a lack of quality in food.In fact the hotel is famous for its quality and that day you visited was an exception.         (150 words)    10 marks

What would be the possible steps and suggest best measure.
17)You have initiated a cleanliness drive in your office(Suppose you are the head of the office).One of your office mates is hesitant to work citing the reason that no rule book asks him to clean the office and the government is not paying him to clean the office.Infact there are paid servants to clean the office.If you exempt him from cleaning that would spread like a virus and would destroy the entire program.How would you deal with the situation.


 Ethics model paper- III


1)Explain the following                                                  10*5=50




d)Breach of trust







2)What are the difference between conformity, compliance and obedience ? why do people tend to obey authorities.                             10M

3) What are the ways to measures emotional intelligence and analyse the utility of E.I in Governance.  10M

4) What do you understand by ethical congruence? In what way it is important to be ethical along with being professionally competent.               10M

5) How far “good faith” helps a civil servant as a shield to perfect himself for the bonafide act done by him or genuine decision taken by him.          10M

Explain the following Quotes:

6)“For in the absence of a magistrate (dandadharabave), the strong will swallow the weak; but under his protection, the weak resist the strong”       ---Kautilya                              15M

7) “A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a moulder of consensus”--Martin Luther king                                                                15M

8) “Satisfaction lies in the effort,not in the attainment, full effort is full victory”---Mahatma Gandhi 15M

9)“ In public services there should be a balance between objectivity and subjectivity while making a  decision “—how do you maintain it ?                  15M

10) Analyze the essential ingredients of citizen charter for effectively empowering the citizens ?    15M

11) There is nothing called moral standards in international relations ? Discuss ?        10M

12) Jawaharlal Nehru’s approach as a leader is more related to ethical idealism than pragmatism ?elucidate Nehruvian ethics ?                              15M


13) Mr. X was a honest and sincere officer .A clerk in his office Started manipulating the files and issued forged bills ,fake documents. On one occasion, the clerk gifted a diamond ring to Mrs.X . when the clerk was caught by the investigating agency he agreed the fraud and also disclosed that a part of the bribe amount is spent on the diamond ring for officers wife. infact , the officer does not know and he is not aware of the continuing corrupt practices by the clerck. you are the boss of Mr. How you are going to deal the case.                                                                      20M


 Courtesy : Smt. Balalatha Mallavarapu



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