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Traffic Rules & Regulations

Road Signs

Mandatory Sign

Warning Sign

Informatory Sign

Line Markings on Road


Mandatory Sign

All the compulsory signs are indicated in a circular form. The violation of traffic or road regulations indicated buy these signs is a legal offence !

No Entry One WayOne Way Vehicle Prohibited in both directionsAll motor vehicles prohibited Truck prohibitedBullock cart prohibited Tonga prohibited
Hand cart prohibitedCycle prohibited Pedestrians prohibitedRight turn prohibited Left turn prohibitedU-turn prohibited Overtaking prohibitedHorn prohibited
Bullock cart & cart prohibited Length limitSpeed limit Load limitHeight limit Width limitAxle load limit Restriction ends sign
No parkingNo stopping or standing Compulsory ahead onlyCompulsory keep left Compulsory turn leftCompulsory turn right Compulsory right aheadCompulsory turn left ahead
Compulsory ahead or turn left Compulsory ahead or turn rightCompulsory cycle track Compulsory sound horn
Warning Sign

These are signs indicated in a triangular form. They are meant for the safety of the road user :

Right hand curve Left hand curve Hair pin bend rightHair pin bend left Right reverse bendLeft reverse bend Steep ascentSteep decent
Narrow road ahead Wide road aheadNarrow bridge Slippery roadLoose gravel Cycle crossingPedestrian crossing School ahead
Men at workCattle Falling rocksFerry Cross roadGap in median Side road leftSide road right
Y-intersection Y-intersectionY-intersection Y-intersectionStaggered intersection Staggered intersectionMajor road ahead Major road ahead
RoundaboutDangerous dip Hamp or rought roadBarrier ahead 200 metres ahead50-100 metres in plain and rolling terrain and 30-60 metres in hilly terrain 200 metres ahead50-100 metres in plain and rolling terrain and 30-60 metres in hill terrain

Informatory Signs

These gives you information about such things as high way facilities, parking facilities etc and you can recognise them from their blue backround.

Public telephone Petrol pumpHospital First aid postEating place Light refreshment Resting place No thorough road
Park this sideNo thorough side road Parking both sidesScooter and motorcycle stand Cycle standTaxi stand Auto rickshaw stand
Type of Line markings on the Road
otherinfo1.jpg (1770 bytes) otherinfo2.jpg (1659 bytes) otherinfo3.jpg (4540 bytes) otherinfo4.jpg (1917 bytes)

Separation of lanes on which travel is in the same direction,               both crossing from one of the other permitted.

Separation of lanes on which travel is in the opposite direction, and where overtaking with care is permitted.

Separation of lanes or of a lane and shoulder where lane changing is discouraged.

This line is found on busy main roads and traffic intersection. Here crossing this line and overtaking is prohibited

otherinfo5.jpg (2110 bytes) otherinfo6.jpg (2223 bytes)

Separation of lanes where overtaking is prohibited in both directions. Right turn monoeuvres across this marking are not permitted.

Separation of lanes where overtaking is permitted with care for traffic adjacent to the broken line, but prohibited for traffic adjacent to solid line.

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