Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hi, this is sadhu,,,wishing you happy dussera


May God bless you with all success on the auspicious occasion of Dussahra and you may be capable of defeating all evils of your life.

History of Dasara / Dussehra:

In Southern India, Eastern India and Western India, the festival of Navaratri which culminates with Vijayadashami commemorates the legend in which the Goddess Durga, also known as Chamundeshwari or Mahishasura Mardini, vanquishes the demon Mahishasura, an event that is said to have taken place in the vicinity of the present day city of Mysore in Karnataka.

In Northern India, the same 10-day festival commemorates the victory of Rama, prince of Ayodhya in present-day Uttar Pradesh, over Ravana, the ruler of Lanka.

All the People in Nepal, as well as the contiguous Indian hill state of Uttarakhand, celebrate the festival with the greatest importance.


  1. dear sir, i have a doubt about the abbrevation of IRS. whether it is Indian Revenue service or Indian railway service. or both are wrong.

  2. it is Indian Revenue service. there is no Indian railway service.

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  4. dear sir,
    i am vara prasad. i attended to demo class which was conducted by Akela Raghavendra sir on Father's day.I have listened to your speach.I am seriously preparing for civils but not in a plan.Please guide me which standard books should i read for this 2011 civils sir.

  5. For 1st paper our regular g.s preparation is enough..2nd paper appears to be on CAT model, hence we may refer relevant portions of CAT material.soon i will be coming out with proper plan and books list,bye