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persons with disabilities clear civil services examinations

Back ground :  The National Federation of the Blind, the apex organization of the blind, filed a petition under Article 132 of the Constitution of India before the Honble Supreme Court praying for directions to the Government of India to extend the reservation in favour of persons with disabilities in Groups A and B, and the judgment was pronounced on 23.03.1993 and a direction was given to the Government of India to consider the feasibility of extending reservation to Groups A and B posts also. Subsequently the The Persons with Disabilities (Equal Opportunities, Protection of Rights and Full Participation) Act, 1995  was also enacted in this connection. In view of section 33 of the Act aforesaid, 3% posts are reserved for persons with disabilities, out of which 1% each is to be reserved for persons suffering from blindness and low vision, persons suffering from hearing impairment and persons suffering from locomotor disability.

Three blind men clear civil services examinations

In the UPSC Civil Services results declared recently, so far we have come to know of three visually impaired persons who have successfully cleared this examination.

Topping the list is Ajit Kumar (Roll number 219116) who ranked 208th. At 32, Kumar is a lecturer of Political Science in Shyamlal College of Delhi. Now totally blind, he lost his vision at the age of four or five for unknown reasons, where, according to him, he woke up one day to find that he couldn't see any more. A married man, he prepared for these examinations using talking books, readers, and computers.

At 435th rank is 30-years-old Ashish Singh Thakur (Roll number 035020) from Bilaspur. Currently working as Sales Tax Officer in  Bilaspur, he was ranked 15th when he was selected for this job in 2007. Thakur has done his MA in History (gold medalist), doing Ph.D in Modern Indian History, and uses scribes and readers for preparation and examinations. This was his seventh attempt (the last allowed). He started losing his eyesight since he was 12 or 13, and by 1996 was totally blind.

The third successful candidate is Sreenivasulu Budigi (Roll Number 107255) from Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh at 583rd rank. Budigi is a teacher in a government school, and he achieved this in his fourth attempt. He was initially allocated with IIS, however after a legal battle, now he is in to Indian Foreign service.

If the readers get to know of any other visually impaired person who has cleared the civil services examinations successfully, do share that information with us

Names of the disabled candidates appointed on the basis of Civil Services

CSE                 Year       Rank       Name  Service Allocated   2005        59    	ULAGANATHAN P (O)  IAS                 2005        378	MANI RAM SHARMA (H)  IP&TAFS		     2005        385   TSHERING ONGDA (O)  IRS (IT)             2005       386   SALMA K FAHIM (H)  IAS                  2005       394   K PADMAVATHY  (O)  IRS (C&CE)           2005       400   SRIDHAR D (O)  ITS                  2005       417   RAVI KUMAR ARORA (V)  IAS                  2005       419   RAJEEV SINGH (V)  DANICS               2005       422   B K VISHNU PRIYA (O)  IDAS                 2005       423   DINESH KUMAR (V)  IPoS                 2005       424   ABHIJIT CHAKRABORTY (H)  IFS                  2005       425   NIRANJAN KUMAR (H)  IRS (C&CE)           2006       43    NAGARGOJE MADAN BIBHISHAN (O)
IAS                  2006       382   SUHAS L Y (O)  IAS                  2006       434   KRANTI (O)  IRS (IT)             2006       453   KUMAR AVIKAL MANU (O)  IRS (IT)             2006       459   SUMIT KAUR (O)  IRS (IT)             2006       462   BHEDA PRIYESH KISHORE (O)  IRS (C&CE)           2006       463   SAGALE SANDIP JANARDANPANT (V)  IAS                  2006       464   ABHISHEK SINGH (O)  IA&AS                2006       465   ROHIT KUMAR NIRANJAN (O)  IRAS                 2006       466  RATINDER KAUR (O)      ICAS                 2006       467   JITENDER SINGH (O)  IDAS                 2006       470   AJAY KUMAR DIXIT (O)  IRPS                 2006       471   NIRANJAN KUMAR (H)  IAS                  2006       472   POOJA SWAROOP (H)  IRS (IT)             2006       473   SURESH CHAND MUKERIA (H)  IRS (C&CE)           2006       474   ANUBHAV SINGH (H)  AFHQ                 2007       142   KRISHNA GOPAL TIWARI (V)  IAS                  2007       188   AMRIT TRIPATHI (O)  IAS                  2007       508   MANOJ KUMAR (O)  IRS (IT)             2007       511   SATYANJAL PANDEY (O)  IFS                  2007       530   B K VISHNU PRIYA (O)  IRS (IT)             2007       554   ANKUR ALYA (O)  IRS (IT)             2007       559   VIMLA NAWARIA (O)  AFHQ                 2007       578   ARVIND KUMAR SINGH (O)  IRS (IT)             2007       600   ALOK SHARMA (O)  IRS (C&CE)           2007       601   GOPAL KRISHNA PATI (O)  IRS (C&CE)           2007       607   SURABHI SINHA (V)  IOFS                 2007       628   ANIL DHINGRA (H)  IAS                  2007       629   ANUBHAV SINGH (H)  IRS (IT)             2007       630   K MANORANJAN NAYAK (H)  ICAS                 2007       631   BHOPAL SINGH (H)  IRS (IT)             2007       632   RAHUL KAUSHIK (H)  IPoS                 2007       633   N S SHASHIDHARA (H)  IRS (IT)             2007       635   SUNDER LAL (H)  IRS (C&CE)           2007       636   RAVINDRA U GARKAL (H)  IRS (C&CE)           2007       637   SUBIR KUMAR CHATTERJEE (H)  IRAS                 2007       638   ANAND KUMAR ROY (H)  IRPS                 2008        4    VARINDER KUMAR SHARMA (O)  IAS                  2008        56   MANJULE BALAJI DIGAMBAR (V)  IAS                  2008        208  AJIT KUMAR (V)  IRPS                 2008        398  CHAN BASHA M (O)  IRS (C&CE)           2008        435  ASHISH SINGH THAKUR (V)  IPoS                 2008        583  SREENIVASULU BUDIGI (V)  IIS                  2008      714     RATINDER KAUR (O)  IRS (IT)             2008      728     MANI RAM SHARMA (H)  IAS                  2008      731     SAMATHA MULLAMUDI (O)  IRS (IT)             2008      738     CHANDRA SHEKHAR SINGH (O)  IRS (C&CE)           2008      761     VIRENDRA KUMAR JAIN (O)  IRS (C&CE)           2008      770     SHRAWAN KUMAR BANSAL (O)  IRS (C&CE)           2008      784     N S SHASHIDHARA (H)  IRS (IT)             2008      785     AJAY KUMAR SINGH (H)  IRS (IT)             2008      786    NITINKUMAR SHIVRAJ KONDALWADE (H)  IRS (IT)             2008      787    M J CHETHAN (H)  IRS (C&CE)           2008      788    KANNAN C (H)  IRS (C&CE)           2008      790    KENDRE RAJKUMAR VENKATRAO (H)  IRS (C&CE)           2008      791    RAVINDRA U GARKAL (H) IA&AS  
O- Orthopedically Handicapped; V- Visually Impaired and H- Hearing Impaired
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