Friday, October 21, 2011

Legal Metrology - Help Line


When tThe Department of Legal Metrology is engaged in regulating use of correct weighing and measuring instruments in production, trade and commerce to ensure that exact weight, measure and number of any commodity is provided to any customer as contracted for, or paid for by him. It also safeguards consumer's interest by ensuring mandatory declarations on packaged commodities.

When to contact Help Line

When you think that the commodity you purchased is delivered by a faulty and uneven weighing instrument?

  1. When the weighing instrument is not standard, belongs to a bygone era with which you purchase your merchandise?
  2. Where would you complain when the essential information like name of the commodity, its quantity and retail sale price is not provided on the package?
  3. When the electrical and electronic goods purchased don't provide information like voltage, wattage and also its standards in terms of BIS mark on the package?
  4. When the Packages are deceptive and contain less quantity than what is stated on the package.
  5. Jewellery and precious stones are to be transacted in specified weighing instruments of higher accuracy. In case this is not done where is the place for lodging a complaint?
  6. Please lodge a complaint in case you come across that any package bearing the price which is altered, obliterated, smudged or changed to the advantage of the manufacturer.
  7. Where do you complain if a commodity is put to sale by means of heaping and not by means of weighment or otherwise?
  8. The forum to complain if any information is not printed on the package but it is given by means of writing or stamping?
  9. Forum to complain if LPG cylinder fertilizer and cement is suspected to have less weighment.
  10. Complain if a solid like Iron TMT bars are sold by means of number and not by weighment?
  11. Do you know the fact that there is a Rule requiring that wherever packaged commodities are sold, retail shops shall maintain sufficient weighing facility to indicate the gross quantity and price of that commodity free of cost for the benefit of consumer? Complain if the weighing scales are absent.
  12. Do you know that imported packaged commodities shall bear the declarations of Name of the Importer, Quantity of the commodity and the Retail Sale Price?
  13. When you come across commodities like biscuits, coffee and tea powder, edible oils, salt and cement packed in sizes which are not convenient to the general consumers. For example odd quantities and odd sizes are forbidden by law. Ex 130ml mineral water.
  14. Helpline is required for consumers if they come across the instance where the packages bear independent stickers either for making or altering Max.Retail Price. Now affixing independent stickers on the packages are forbidden under law.
  15. In case of petrol pumps are you aware that each outlet should possess calibrated 5 litre test measure to facilitate the consumers checking the accuracy of the petrol or diesel supplied to them.
  16. When in doubt the weights or measures used by the trader are correct, they can verify the mark of verification of the Inspector of Weights and Measures on the weight or measure itself. Call if the mark is absent.
  17. No retail dealer including the manufacturer shall sell any commodity exceeding the Max Retail price declared on the packages. In case of commodity where the tax is revised the revision of price shall be advertised in newspapers.
  18. The laws of Weights and Measures cover all transactions of purchase of produce of farmers. Call the Helpline in case when excess quantity is taken from farmers, horticulturist's, artisans of custom and practice in the garb of.
  19. In case of suspicion of adulteration of petroleum products the Consumer Helpline is to be called.
  20. In all the above mentioned instances, please take the assistance of the Consumer Helpline 1860-425-3333 provided by the Department of Legal Metrology, Government of Andhra Pradesh.

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