Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Info on RTA services

Do you want your driving licence, registration certificate or any other document delivered at your doorstep? Sounds interesting, isn't it?

RTA Post :

With a view to avoiding inconvenience to those coming for various works to the Road Transport Authority (RTA) office in Hyderabad and Ranga Reddy districts, officials have come out with a novel idea of `RTA Post'.

All you need to do is purchase a `RTA Post' envelope, which costs Rs. 10, fill in the address to which the document is to be delivered and the contact number and submit it at the RTA office. The Transport Department will undertake the delivery of the document at the given address

Recent changes : RTA post Scheme which was introduced in Hyd and RR districts earlier has been replaced with a new system, where in  postal fee of Rs. 25/- will be collected from all the applicants, irrespective of their transactions( whether licence, Registration etc) and the processed document will be sent through speed post, to the address mentioned in application.

 This will also prevent applicants from obtaining documents, with fake addresses.

In RTA post scheme, some people provided address, which was not mentioned in their application.

In the new scheme, if any applicant fails to obtain document or if document is returned undelivered, the applicant should approach the RTA office, concerned, and should produce address proof for obtaining document.

In any case, all documents are sent through speed post now


Toll-free number

In case documents are lost in transit, the department will bear the cost of regeneration and re-delivery of the document. In case of delay in receipt of document, one can call on the toll-free number - 1074. The documents will be despatched within a day of being processed.


In case the auto drivers refused to operate the digital meters even after installing them, passengers could call toll free number 1074 and lodge complaints or at the RTA offices.

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