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To those who didnot make it in this CSAT and have crossed their attempt and or age limit.

There are three all India services: IAS,IPS and IFoS (forest service)
According to All India service Act of 1951, 33.33% of the vacancies in All India services in the given State, are to be filled by promoting the State PSC officers.
In other words,
Suppose Maharashtra has cadre strength of 100 IPS officers. Then 33 are to be filled by promoting DySP (Maharashtra State Police Service)
  • Same way for Deputy Collectors (State Administrative service) to Collector/District Magistrate (IAS)
  • Same way Deputy conservator of Forest (DCF, State forest service) to Conservator of Forest (IFoS)

Depending on your luck, seniority within the batch and vacancies (and being in the good book of State Government), you can get into the All India services, via the state service door in 11-15-20 years.

Example, Join State public service as
  1. Inspector -> promotion to DySP (state service) ->Promotion to SP (IPS) or direct recruitment to DySP and then promotion to IPS.
  2. Tehsildaar->Deputy collector(State service)->Collector /District magistrate(IAS) or Direct Deputy collector to IAS.
  3. Assist.Conservator of  Forest (ACF)-> Deputy conservator of Forest(DCF)->Conservator of Forest (CF,IFoS)

Some states relax their age limit for State PSCs on the account that they didnot hold recruitment for long time (Gujarat for example)

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[Polity Q] Duration of President's rule: 1 year or 3 years?


plz let me knw tht under article 356 presidents rule once approved it continues for 6 in one of the other books it shows as 1 year.actly acc to 44th amen act it continues for 1yr.and at the same time do it can be extended for a max perd of 3 years or laxm it is 3 yrs and wen i serchd on net its 1yr.

In normal circumstances, it can be extended only upto 1 year. However parliament can also extend it upto three years provided that

1.National emergency under 352 is also running simultaneously.
2.Election Commission certifies that it is difficult to hold general state legislative assembly elections at the moment.

[Economy Q] If people don't take loan what will banks do?


Question via email 
We've learnt that the main source of income for banks is loans which they give out to borrowers, where the interest rate for the loans is set at a higher rate than the savings bank rate which they provide us with. Let us suppose a situation where, we have our savings deposits intact in our banks, and no people needs to take loans from the bank. How will the bank function at that time?
A Bank's life depends on circulating the money from one hand to another and pocketing the difference of the interest rates between them.
If people stop taking loans then Bank will invest in sharemarket, fund real estate projects, mutual funds, oil bonds etc. or start giving loans to people of other nation or finance projects abroad. If bank doesn't see much profit even in that scenario then they will have to close down the operation.

[Economy Q] List of all articles- scattered around

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[Q] Worried about the medical checkup in Civil service exam


1. What time does they take the medical fitness test ?
Those who clear the mains exam, will be called for interviews @Delhi during around April 2012 and med. checkup will be done at that time.

2. What if I don't clear the test, will I be offered my next preference or will it be end of the road for me and I will have to start off afresh for next year exam ?

If you don't clear the medical test, depending on your merit number, they'll send you to another service e.g.
You gave preference in your mains form: IAS>IPS>IFS
Suppose Your merit number is 31, and there are only 30 seats in IAS. So you should be going to IPS, but if you dont pass the medical test, they'll send you to IFS.

3. Is there any provision of +/- 1% relaxation in medical fitness ?
If you don't pass the med.test for the first time, there is a provision that you can appal for another re-checkup.
Besides, The med.standards of civil services are not that stringent as they're in Army,Navy and Airforce.
You can read about them at

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