Wednesday, August 10, 2011

230 scholarships from

The FAEA Foundation is committed to the idea of education devoted to founding of a just, productive and cultured society. It emphasizes on the equality of opportunity to help students what they want to become so that they have a choice and are not dictated by necessity. Is it committed to enable economically disadvantaged groups access to be able to study in those institutions, which give access to academic excellence, structures of power and economic opportunity. It is also committed to support all activities and institutions which provide student better experience of excellence in all fields.

Aims and objectives
The aims and objectives for which the society is established are to undertake wide range of activities for the advantage of equity and excellence in higher education. To accomplish this objective, the society would undertake the following activities:

  • Institute fellowship and scholarships with the particular reference to disadvantage and marginalized groups such as dalits and advasis.
  • Organize coaching programs for socially disadvantaged groups, particularly dalits and advasis to enable them to have access to structures of power and quality education.
  • Promote innovation in higher education. etc.

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