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UPSC’s CSAT prelim application form 2011

No one
 likes to read instruction manuals be it mobile phone or UPSC application. But still ….


Your name in 10th standard certificate. (i.e. Matriculation, secondary or highschool whatever you call that thing.)
Different names in college and school certificates
1.      In college degree, your name is Abhishek Bacchan , but your 10th marksheet says its Bacchan Abhishek Amitabhbhai, then you write what 10th marksheet says.
Name change after marriage
2.      your 10th marksheet says "Jaya Bhaduri " but after marriage your name is changed to "Jaya Bacchan" then you write what 10th marksheet says.
Name changed after college, with court affidavit
Your name in 10th was Yatin Khanna but later you changed it to Rajesh Khanna in order to become a film-star (or whatever) again you write the name given in 10th.

DONOT write prefix like Mr.,Mrs., Shri, Kumar, SMT.,Dr.,Cpt., Etc
Date of Birth:
Be very careful about this, and again what your 10th std. (matriculation) certificate says is final. If there is difference between DOB in your 10th and college degree, then 10th will be final.
If your 10th std certificate doesn't mention DOB, then whatever your school leaving certificate says is final.
Lower age limit is : you must be AT Least 21 years old on 1st august 2011
Upper age limit: varies with category. More explanation on
Father's Name:
As it is in School Leaving Certificate
Mother's Name:
Indian just like Sunny Deol.
Marital Status
Physically Challenged
UPSC guidelines regarding deafness, blindness are very vogue, but I've tried my best to compile them on following pages
Main page :
Related questions
Still you've doubts, then keep in mind: according to UPSC, eligibility for availing reservation against vacancies reserved for physically disabled person shall be the same as prescribed in ''persons with disability (equal opportunities, protection of rights and full participapation) Act 1995"
That means refer to following act
Still no answer, then file an RTI application to UPSC.
Be VERY CAREFul about this, you must make sure you've the required documents. E.g. some people come in State's backward list, but their caste is not in Central OBC list. Prelim form doesn't require any documents but in mains form, UPSC will ask you to give photocopies of every document and you'll be in trouble, if you don't have them.
If you belong to Minority
Fee Remission Claimed
General category and OBC have to pay fees. [Rs.100 for paper application and Rs.50 for online]
SC/ST/Physically challenged and Women don't have to pay fees.
Suppose your address is changed later on, don't worry just call the helpdesk and they'll send you ticket to your new address after asking you some questions like date of birth etc.
Do I need to explain this?
Compulsory for online application
Age Relaxation Claimed:
Elaborate explanations on following page
Need codes for offline form then see page number 31 of following pdf

No of Attempts Already Made:
1.      If you filled up prelim forms in 2009, but did not appear in the exam then that attempt doesn't count. So you write 00
2.      You appeared in 2009,2010, then you write 02 attempts. (whether you passed prelim or failed in the exam that doesn't matter)
Number of attempts allowed, 
General= 4
SC/ST= infinite till they reach upper age limit.
Physically handicapped and Ex-servicemen = complex rules,
for more info see this link
Educational Qualification:
1.      If regular college degree, make sure its recognized by UGC
2.      If distant education degree, it must be recognized by ( Distant Education council)
3.      American or any foreign degree, you must get certificate from Association of Indian Universities. Their building is next to Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi.
4.      If You're in last year or last semester in your college, you can still appear IF you'll get your final degree (or mark sheet) before August-end 2011.
Are you claiming exemption
from appearing in Indian
Language paper:
MOST IMPORTANT. They ask asking about compulsory regional language paper in mains (its marks are not counted in final merit list, but still you've to pass this paper)
But candidates from North-Eastern States of Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland and Sikkim are exempted from this paper.
Got it? In simple words, if you're not from North-east, you CANNOT claim exemption in this paper, and have to pick one language paper like Gujarati,Marathi,Hindi,Urduwhatever applies. (Again its marks are not counted in merit list)
Its continuation of above question, if you don't claim exemption, then you pick up one language, like I took Gujarati.
Optional Subject 1:
This is only for statistical purpose; you can change your optionals after prelims are over. So, if you're still undecided about subjects, don't worry just write anything for filling up the form.
Only keep in mind that following combos are not allowed
(a) Political Science & International Relations and Public Administration;
(b) Commerce & Accountancy and Management;
(c) Anthropology and Sociology;
(d) Mathematics and Statistics;
(e) Agriculture and Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Science.
(f) Management and Public Administration;
(g) Of the Engineering subjects, viz., Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering–not more than one subject.
(h) Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Science and Medical Science.
Optional Subject 2:
Centre for CSM Examination:
Mains exam is held in every city, where prelim exam is held. So pick up any center according to your convenience. Keep in mind Mains are held normally in October-end. So if you're changing job or hostel, think about where will you be at that time.
Medium of written
VERY IMPORNTAT. So pay attention. This is only for mains
Suppose you take English then, following papers
1.      GS I,II, must be written in English
2.      Essay must be written in English
3.      Optional-I and II must be written in English.
4.      Compulsory English paper = obviously in English
5.      Compulsory regional paper (like Hindi,Gujarati,Marathi)= ofcourse not in English but in that particular regional language!
Suppose one of your optional subject is literature of Urdu,Marathi,Gujarati whatever THEN you must write that optional in its script, even if you've English medium.
e.g. Candidate took English language, his 1st optional Public Administration = he'll write in English and his 2nd optional is Literature of Gujrati then he must write it in Gujarati.
You cannot change language for Essay and GS, e.g. if you took English then you write essay in English and CANNOT write it in Hindi or Oriya.
For interview, if you wrote mains exam in English, you must talk in English in the interview. (as per the rule)
If you wrote mains exam in non-english language (Gujarati,Hindi,etc) then you'll be given two options for interview medium: either talk in that regional language or talk in English.


Like I said ago, women,SC,ST and physically challenged people DONOT need to pay fees.


-          Goto post office, get a Rs.100 Central  recruitment stamp (NOT Regular or court stamp, mind it)
-          After you paste it on your form, give your form to the clerk and he'll put the post-office's stamp on it. This procedure is called 'getting your stamp cancelled'. You must do this.
-          You also need to get Rs.6 Postal ticket, and paste it on your acknowledgement card.


-          After completing part-I of registration, they'll give you 2 options, either pay online via credit card or print the SBI challan slip and goto nearest SBI branch. Pay the money, the clerk will write a number on your slip, come back home and write that number in part-II of application.
-          Given the long queues in SBI, its not advised to visit it between 1 PM-3.30 PM (like you're 20th number in line at 1PM, by the time your number comes, its 2 PM and clerk goes on recess and comes at 3PM, in the mean time you too go somewhere and when you come back @3PM you're again 30th number in the line and everyone in front of you has transections of 5 lakh rupees (j/k) so each take 20 minutes, and by the time your number comes, the branch is you end up wasting your whole day in this vicious cycle.


Postal paper application
Online application
Must have name and Date of birth printed on it
So you go to photographer, get a new photo and ask him to print name-DOB on it.

Size limit:
3.5 cm. x 4.5 cm
-          Scanned Photo doesn't need name or DOB printed on it.
-          Don't take photo with webcam or cellphone like you do in facebook or orkut. You need to have a proper passport sized photo and then get it scanned. BECAUSE you'll have to paste the same photo in your mains application form.
Size limit :
1.      Height 140px and
2.      width 110 px and
3.      40 kilobytes.
You must meet these three conditions, but it's very easy just use the tutorial given in


Merely writing your name in capital like "MRUNAL PATEL" doesn't make it signature. UPSC will not allow it.
Postal Paper application
Online application
Some people use 3 different signatures, one for official use, one in bank and one for signing couriers. You MUST remember your signature in prelim form, because you'll have to do the same signature in exam-hall. So better get a Xerox of filled up application form.
White paper, black ball pen. Sign and get it scanned.
Size limit for scanned signature
1.      Height 110 px
2.      Width 140 px
3.      40 kilobytes.
Again three conditions same tutorial

Btw, unhappy with scanned signature quality or want to know what is acceptable signature in UPSC form, then visit



1.      After filling up the form, get it Xeroxed. And only then you send it via post.
2.      The application form number is very very important. You save it in your mobile as a 'contact'
3.      Rs.6/- postal ticket on acknowledge-card (for everyone)
4.      In case of missing application form, Speed post's receipt comes handy to get admitted at later stage.
5.      I'm told by my seniors, that clerks at UPSC don't like to sign anything, so they don't take applications sent via Registered post or courier. So better send it via normal or speed post.


1.      Registration number very important, save it in your mobile as a 'contact'
2.      Print down the final completed application form.
3.      If you don't have print then goto File>Save as>Save as complete webpage> to anywhere in your harddisk. And get it printed later on.
Last but not the least


1.      UPSC says they'll accept only one application and reject the duplicate applications by same person
2.      But in reality they send admit-card to everyone. So if you apply twice, you get two hall-tickets. Simple use any one and discard the other one. But you need to check which hall-ticket is allotted to which application-form??
-          Suppose  in first form you mistakenly wrote your Date of birth as 1-1-1985 and sent it but then you realized the mistake, so you filled up a new form with correct date of birth like 1-1-1986.
-          Now if you get two admit cards, you'll be in trouble if you use the hall-ticket allotted to first application (because it has wrong Date of birth).
-          So to fix this, once you get your hall-ticket, goto UPSC website enter your application form number (or registration number) and it'll show you the roll number allotted to it.
-          Since online application has been started for the first time, UPSC is unlikely to reject your application on trivial issues like low quality photo/signature so don't worry.


·        If that happens, you can still get admitted if you've docs to prove that you indeed applied. That's why speed post receipt comes in help.
·        I'm told by my seniors, that clerks at UPSC don't like to sign anything, so they don't take applications sent via Registered post or courier.


·        Whether you're applying for single time or multiple times, ALWAYS get a photocopy of finished paper-application form, before sending it.
·        I've seen careless people, who never take photocopy of finished form and after a week or two they start doubting whether they filled up the form right or not, so they send a new form.
·        Sometimes they don't receive hallticket on time and don't even know their stupid application form number so even the UPSC helpdesk can't help them.
So always get a photocopy, before sending a Government job application.
·        same thing for online application, do take a printout or save the whole webpage
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