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Civil Service Exam Booklet from Nikhil Pavan Kalyan AIR 60th - IAS 2012 Batch

Rank: 60
Exam: Civil Services Examination
Year: 2011
2012 Batch- IAS  (Cadre-Odisha)
Optional Subjects
Public Administration, Anthropology
Marks Obtained

Total MarksMarks Obtained
Essay200 90
General Studies 600 249 (126 + 123)
Public Administration 600290 (140 + 150)
Anthropology 600369 (187 + 182)
Total (Written) 2000998
Interview 300 210
Total 2300 120852.52 %

Every dog has his day ....

Nikhil Pavan Kalyan secured ALL INDIA 60th rank in UPSC exam !!!
Sharing his thoughts...

There is no other way with which I could and should start writing this post, except with extending my greatest surprise and happiness for the overwhelming wishes I am getting. Thank you one and all !

My name, Nikhil Pavan Kalyan, literally means (out of the possible meanings), Universal Auspiciousness. I thought it is something that cannot be achieved by one person sitting in his room (or at his office desk) and preparing for just an examination (Yes, it is just an exam). But , I now believe it is possible, this result has almost created such an atmosphere, there is no way otherwise such pure and heartfelt wishes could be sent across by almost everyone I know , and many whom I know only indirectly (and vice-versa). Even if I take only the reasoning of the Hindu scriptures, that parents define the universe of a person, I am definitely successful in enabling truly universal auspiciousness.

I was, for the most part of my last five years, very confident I would possibly be selected for the services, but throughout this period, there are few friends and relatives who beleived, as much as I do, and at times, more than I do, this will happen. All they say is, I knew you would make it or You made it, I said it long back ! This had been, and will continue to surprise and thrill me. What they don’t know is how much strength their belief(s) gave me. I cannot simply say thank you! And I need not mention who they are, they know it, as much as I do.

Specifically for the preparation, discussions, doubt clarifications and for providing the much needed support, there were even fewer friends and seniors who immensely helped in framing my opinions and showed me the way, whenever it is necessary. It was indeed a gift , to be alongside these people. My knowledge and my selection is an accumulated consciousness from all of them. I continue to learn from this small section, my ‘elite’.

Contrary to some news that I didn’t have any coaching at all, I did take, apart from mocks and test series, some set of coaching classes, though very short. I have thoroughly enjoyed the discussions with the fellow students and teachers, and their contribution, like that of any other teacher, is invisble , yet forms a part of the foundation of my basic preparation methods and set of principles, for life and otherwise. I respect all of these eminaries for their long drawn service to the students.

Pic from my initial days of prep, six years back. I knew then , I am going to need it !

One set of people deserves equal levels of respect with all the above, my colleagues @ Adobe (the only name I am going to take, apart from my own). Everyday, I find one or the other (and more, often) enquiring about ‘where am I with my civils’, a next to family care I had. The biggest contributions of Adobe (viz, my immediate team and management) is to make myself good at time estimates , turning into time management , and the courage to ask questions (to any level) and to do mistakes, the same qualities needed even within an efficient IT team. I made terrible blunders initially, in trying parallel tracks for job and study, slowly finding the best possible mix . Thanks again to my management for bearing me through that period. To my conscience, I did justice to both my job and preparation, though there might have been scope for doing more. My likes n disklikes, hobbies and interests, all have the shade of Adobe in it. I am going to miss the definite luxury of IT and my favourite habits at Adobe, for the rest of my career.

There is no doubt, after seeing and hearing it on my own, that IAS is still the best possible career profile that is even more highly placed in our country. Yet, it finally boils down to clearing a set of question papers and an interview. While some see talent for an edge in this competetiveness, I see Planning and Passion.
While some see hardwork, patience and perseverance, I obtained change in personality and gained confidence through learning and sharing. While some see pride and prestige, I want love and friendship, and those who see me the same way like before, always. While some see inspiration, I share guidance with my learnings and take inspiration myself. While literally everyone else see a rank and achievement, I see peace, responsibility, providence and hope. I see my world.

After all the self-hype above, I would end with this quote from a telgu movie, and that’s exacly what is happening, and it’s my story. Till now.

gelupemundi ra, mahaa aithe prapamchaniki ninnu parichayam chestundi. Okkasari Oodipoyi chudu. Prapamcham ante ento neeku parichaymavutundi

Booklet on Preparing for the Civil Services by Nikhil Pavan kalyan, IAS

This Booklet of 125 pages is a complete Planner for the Civil Services Aspirant.
It gives a basic idea about the exam, its new syllabus introduced from Mains 2013,also giving  reference links websites which will be helpful for the prepartion of the new syallbus.
Nicely compiled with suggestions from several other IAS officers.....a very good effort

All the aspirants must go through it once as it clarifies several aspects of the exam.....

Click on the link below for the said document ...... 


 hope it will useful to you all....

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