Thursday, July 19, 2012

Know your customs duty on any Imports

CBEC has developed an "Interactive Customs Tariff" application as part
of the ongoing trade facilitative measures which was also launched by
Chairman, CBEC.

The purpose of the application is to enhance public access to
information on duty payment and other regulatory requirements for
clearance of goods, when imported into India. The application is
designed to show various customs and other applicable duties. It helps
the importers in calculation of actual effective duty applicable by
taking into account the various exemption notifications. It also
provides alerts related to anti-dumping duties and MRP based
abatements and displays Compulsory Compliance Requirements (CCRs).

It is envisaged that the Customs Interactive Tariff would assist the
trade in understanding the statutory and other regulatory requirements
for clearance of goods and usher greater transparency in the
functioning of the Customs department. The department would be making
all efforts to constantly address any issues that may arise in using
this website in order to improve user experience

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