Friday, January 13, 2012

Information on stock of tested blood - chennai

Airtel, India's leading mobile service provider today strengthened its tie up with Jeevan Blood Bank of Chennai, taking a step ahead in its  "Airtel Cares for Everyone" (ACE) project. This is a first of its kind initiative, wherein people can source information on blood within minutes and access the real time stock of tested blood components from Jeevan Blood Bank 24 hours a day.


Airtel already has a partnership with Jeevan, in which a few numbers have been provided free of cost for Jeevan to stay in touch with people wanting to donate blood and patients in need of blood. This is now being strengthened through an SMS service, which provides information about availability of blood. All that a person needs to do is to type <Blood group + or -> and sms it to 9600097000 (for example, Blood B+ or Blood AB+). A response will be sent back to the person within a minute, containing information on quantity of readily available tested blood components of the group required. This facility is available for customers of all networks and is toll free for Airtel mobile customers. 


If the required blood is available, one can call Jeevan Blood Bank,Chennai directly on 044-28351200 or    044-43524242 for further assistance. This service will help minimize the time spent on searching for safe blood and help save more lives.

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